Friday, April 29, 2011

"Will I get married someday, Mommy?"

"Well, if you want to, Honey, when you get much older. If you find someone that you want to marry, and feel that God is calling you to marry her."

"But who will I marry?"

"Well, I don't know, Sweetheart. It would be a long time from now, when you're an adult."

"And when you get married, you have a wedding?"

"Yes, in church."

"And will you have cake there?"

"Yes, people usually have wedding cakes."

"Did you and Daddy have one?"


"What kind was it?"


"OOhhhhh. I want chocolate."

"Yes, chocolate is your favorite, isn't it?"

" With lots of frosting. I like wedding cake, Mommy."

"I can imagine, Sweetheart."

"Can we have some soon?"

"We can make a regular cake, how does that sound?"

"But after the wedding...what would I talk to her about?" *furrowed brows*

Because after all, he's only marrying her for the *cake*. This came up this morning too, when I was watching BBC America's coverage of the royal wedding. Henry was shocked that they didn't break the wedding cake out right there in Westminster Abbey.

*thinks about cake*

Now I want wedding cake.

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