Friday, April 30, 2010

A weekend of faith, fun, and crafts

Thank God, today is Friday. Every day at work for the entire semester has been so intense, particularly the past few weeks. Luckily, exams are here, and things seem to be winding down. I'm looking forward to working on some writing this summer.

This morning, Mike had an exam at 8 am, so things were pretty hectic for me since I was getting myself and Henry ready solo. Hank insisted that he wanted to get dressed himself (I was pretty skeptical) and I was amazed when he came down with (a) clothes that matched, and (b) clothes actually *on* his body. Luckily, I thought to check that he had underwear on (yep), and that his pants were on facing the right way (nope) before heading out to pre-k.

When I finally had everything ready, and was ready to go, naturally, Hank had made a beeline for his toy room. I approached the room to the sounds of a Rescue Heroes alert:

"Attention Rescue Heroes! A tornado is approaching! Everyone, take cover!"

And with that emphatic declaration, the Rescue Heroes song kicks on with much inspiration. I walk in to discover Hank dancing dramatically around the room. It was so funny, I didn't mind the fact that I could have been halfway to work if I only had myself to get ready. Ah, the life of a parent. It's a joy, so we keep signing up.

I've been working away on my summer table set, and I'll post pictures when it's done. So far, I've crocheted a table runner and 2 place mats. They all incorporate in summery yellows, pinks and greens. I have 2 place mats to go, and then they all need to be blocked so that they'll lay flatter. I'm enjoying my new seasonal table set habit. I hope to have the summer set done by Pentecost. Liturgically, it's still Easter, so that's what I tell everybody when they wonder why I still have pastel Easter eggs and coordinating colors out on my table. So there :)

I'm all inspired by my desire to start back up an official evening devotion time, per yesterday's post. Poor Hank went to bed sobbing last night, because he wanted to do our prayers first, and we hadn't done them yet. Sweet little procrastinator. He was SO overtired, and he's suffering from seasonal allergies, so he just needed immediate rest. But I like that he treasures our usual night routine so much. Tonight, I'll make sure we get it in before he gets too rundown.

At any rate, I may stop by our local Christian bookstore on my way home today, see if any inexpensive Catholic Bible study catches my eye. As for the Catechism, I think I'm going to try out using it as spiritual reading in the evenings in the form of a reference tool. Each night, I can think of a topic that is on my mind, or page through the index for inspiration, and then read the section(s) dealing with that topic. I'll let you know how it goes :)

This weekend, I'm planning on doing some gardening, crocheting, playing with Hank, and having my parents over for dinner. It'll be fabulous to have a break from work.

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