Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring cleaning...

This time of year always brings out the busy bee part of my Type A personality. The snow melts, and I'm itchin' to plow through my basement. Before we went to New Jersey, I managed to have my way with the refrigerator, so that's one seasonal chore done. But many to go.

For the rest of the week, blogging will be sparse to none, since Hank has an "option week" at Pre-K, meaning that if we signed him out for any day(s) this week, we don't have to pay for them. So we signed him out for 3 days this week, saving us some money, and allowing me to spend some nice time at home with him. I have vacation time to spare, so bonus. Given this, I plan to enact the Great Spring Cleaning of 2010, with young Henry by my side for the rest of the week. I can't imagine he'll be too happy about this. He'd rather use the week to enact an epic battle between the Planet Heroes and the Rescue Heroes in his play room, but me, I'll be hip deep in clothes to donate to Goodwill.

A lot of my inspiration recently came from an article in Woman's Day about spring cleaning, referencing the book Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House. Rest assured, I have a copy on reserve for me via the public library, and I'm all excited about it. My good friend Irena gifted me with a Jessie Steele cupcakes apron when I saw her over Easter weekend (THANK YOU!!) and I'm all eager to tie it on and get to work.

I'd like to go through Hank's closet and clear it out of clothes that are too small for him, which are many. *sighs* I need to get those in labeled bags to haul into the storage for use on a potential future baby Catholic Librarian. Hank and will need to subsequently get to Target to get him some spring and summer clothes, which I can't imagine will be cheap. *another sigh* At any rate, that's task number one for tomorrow morning. His dresser drawers, as well, are ridiculous. I don't think Hank needs bibs or drool cloths anymore, yet they still reside in his room.

I also need to go through my clothes to weed out things that I don't wear anymore, and my drawers. I wouldn't mind going through some other closets and drawers throughout the house, especially the 2 *coughs* junk drawers in the kitchen. Shameful.

The only thing is, I know myself, and I hate how I get when I start to do chores like this. I get all manic and rushy rushy, refusing to stop and even take a breath lest I forget to manhandle the pile of crap that I just noticed hiding in the pantry. Hopefully, I'll manage to get a few productive things done and allow myself to relax with Henry a bit. The house always feels so fresh and clean and after a purge like that.

Thus, I likely won't blog tomorrow or Friday, and I never blog on the weekends. If that happens, I assure that I will post on Monday with a full report of my long weekend. Bet you can't wait :)

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