Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evening devotion time...

Lately, I've gotten out of the habit of my evening Bible reading time, and have been trying to jump start back in. What I find, is that I'll read a chapter for a few days, and then for a few days I'll forget or it'll take longer to get Henry to go to bed, and then I don't have the energy. But the evening just seems like the best time to do it, to me. It's when I'm most relaxed.

I also have a nice copy of the Catechism that I enjoy pulling out to look things up. And I'd like to read through the whole thing. Problem is, as soon as I start reading from cover to cover, I give up before we even get past the reason for our belief in God. Maybe I should see it more as a reference work? But I feel like, as a Catholic, it's my duty to read the Catechism. We have a nice, bound book with all the details of our faith and why we believe in them. How can I not read that?

I have the attention span of a 2 year old. That's part of the problem right there. I've bought booklets with reading suggestions so that I could read through the whole Bible in a year, just picked a book of the Bible and the Catechism and just tried to read a section per night, I've tried all kinds of things. What works for you? I need suggestions. Comments, please :)


  1. I usually pick a topic to read. Then I look up information about say "prayer" and find all the verses and whatnot on the topic. Some people pick a particular book of the Bible that they aren't familiar with. I know that I need to do that too. I shouldn't just stick to the Gospels or the New Testament. I also like Bible studies or commentaries. That helps me understand some of the historical stuff and makes the verses stick in my head better.

    I did an online class (it's free but they ask you to donate) which was a great overview.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I know what you mean. I used to read at night but, I was always so sleepy. Now, I try to read the bible in the morning. I found this book "My Daily Catholic Bible: 20 minute Readings" here's the link on amazon:

    There is a reading for every day of the year. You should check it out.


  3. Thanks ladies! I like the topic idea, especially for the Catechism. I have done that before, and enjoyed it. I should incorporate it on a daily basis. And I'm definitely all about Bible studies - I should do some Amazon searching :)

    I have tried the Catholic Daily Bible, and I swear, I'm so bad! I follow along for a time, and then trail off. Sigh. Thank you both for the suggestions! I'm definitely feeling more motivated now.


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