Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Good Friday, and your Catholic Librarian prepares for Easter travel...

It's Good Friday, and I find myself thinking about how quickly Lent has gone by. I've had a good Lent, but I do feel that I've slipped somewhat with the depth of my prayer life. That's something that I'd like to use Easter season to jump start me into remedying. Overall though, I did enjoy my Lent, and I enjoyed my headcovering experiment. I will post fully on that next week. I enjoyed sacrificing eating meat, as well, and I found that this year I really appreciated more how each action that I took throughout the season towards my Lenten promises made me feel that I was joining in Jesus' journey.

This Living Faith reading is from yesterday, Holy Thursday, but I find it resonating with me especially this morning:

"We Remember

He loved his own in the world and he loved them to the end. John 13:1

This holy night, when we celebrate the Lord's Supper, is rich with remembrance. There is no need to ask, 'What would Jesus do?' for Jesus himself, in word, symbol and action, holds up for us what is most dear to his heart. He chooses to spend his last remaining hours with his disciples. He faces betrayal. He washes feet. He breaks bread. He gives us his enduring presence in the Eucharist, so that he will always, always remain with us.

This night is a testament to what matters. Filled with love and profound compassion, it is a tender, final moment that our faith calls us to celebrate over and over. It is Jesus' legacy of witness and unending presence.

Jesus, thank you for loving me and remaining withi me always. "

More than my personal prayer life this Lent, I feel that I grew in appreciation of my public prayer life, through attending Sunday Mass. And the focus on the Eucharist in this passage brought that point home to me.

Aside from dwelling on Good Friday, I've been preparing to travel to my sister Rhonda's home for Easter this weekend. This is the longest car trip we will have taken with Henry, so my normally spastic preparation process has been keyed up a notch. Yesterday, I stopped off at the grocery store to purchase little packs of veggie chips and animal crackers, and bottles of iced tea for each of us to drink. Mike, always the realist, pointed out that the large bottles that I squirreled away were bound to make us have to stop multiple times to use those nasty roadside reststops, but alas. I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't be thirsty :)

I also have Easter gifts to pack, fixins' for Henry's basket, a full vehicle entertainment toolkit for Henry, including a portable DVD player that I have to set up, DVD's, books, and action figures, and knitting for myself. It'll be a busy evening.

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