Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for prayer amongst the daily grind


I'm exhausted, and it's not even noon. Not a good sign. However, it's a good kind of tired. I'm getting things done at work, and my I get to go home to my boys later. Life is good.

When I arrived home, also exhausted, yesterday, I was thrilled to find a package for me containing the rosary I'd won from the A Woman's Place... giveaway! Ever the seeker of instant gratification, I ripped right into it, much to Mike's amusement. It's positively lovely. It has a beautiful Celtic cross and a Miraculous Medal centerpiece, which are my favorites. The beads are an iridescent gray.

My mom always told me that when you receive a rosary as a gift, the very first time you pray with it you pray for the intentions of the person who gave it to you. Thus, this morning on my way into work, I started a rosary for Cam and family, and their intentions :) I got through 3 decades, but never fear! It will be completed on my way home :)

On my way home, I'm also treating myself to a stop at our local Catholic store to pick up a case for it, so that it won't get scratched up in my purse. I'm terribly excited.

This morning, I've already managed to survive a 2 hour workshop on promotion and tenure, and half of a 2 hour reference shift, so clearly prayers are already being answered. What a long, long day...

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