Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wardrobe conundrums with opinionated 4 year olds, & closing in on the mystery knit-along right in time for National Craft Month...

Anne & I in matching shirts this weekend, because I am a nerd
Good morning all! Normally, I'm pretty happy when Tuesday rolls around, but unfortunately for the next few weeks I have the Wednesday evening reference shift, so the week doesn't ease until Thursday for me. Lots of other reference shifts and lesson planning and grading. I'm just slogging along until spring break at this point. We're almost there.

Meanwhile, my daughter has been making the mornings interesting with her outfit choices:

"Mommy, I am awake, you will help me get dressed!"


I look at the clock. 6:51 am. I am still in bed. I should not be, but there you have it. I've been staying up too late reading Into Thin Air at night. I'm at the gripping part where they reach the summit, I just can't help myself.

"Anne honey, remember how we talked about how the clock should have a seven before you get up?"

"There's a seven!"


"Remember that it has to be the *first* number, darling. Anyway, go get started, I'll come check on you."

She's very opinionated on what she wears, that one. I often find her tugging on loud, geometric-print leggings underneath a bright pink dress with colorful origami birds decorating the whole shebang, and do I care about such clashing? I do not. I know that she doesn't actually want my help, and I'm happy to set her loose.

"I need you to come in, Mommy."


She leads me into her bedroom, where she has three pairs of underpants lined up on the bed.

"Which of these am I supposed to wear today, Mommy?"

I quickly discern that these particular underwear are all from a "days of the week!" collection, purchased by a highly organized grandmother.

"Oh. This pair, honey, this is the Tuesday pair. With the picture of a smiling hamburger on it."

*unhappy pause*

"But I don't want to wear the hamburger. I want to wear the ones with the ice cream cone on it!"

See, why does she ask me?! :0 And why am I squinting at underwear before 7 am? I ask you. All I want to be doing that soon after waking up is checking the new notifications on my phone, that's about all my brain is capable of at that point.

In other news, March is National Craft Month, and accordingly I've been knitting away like a crazy woman on my freaking delightful Downton Abbey mystery knit-along shawl. I feel like I've been working on this thing since approximately the Mesozoic era, but yet I keep knitting away, yarn overs serving as mile markers on my brave journey of lacy perseverance. There are eight clues in total, and happily, I've made a lot of progress since I last reported in. Here we have clue 5:

...whereby we have begun the lace on the second "wing" of the shawl. And here is clue 6, which is hot off the presses as of last night while I drank a vodka tonic (I am SO sick to death of this shawl, have I mentioned that?!):

Thus, both wings are now complete, and I'm pretty impressed with my own ability to not drop stitches given that I was drinking and knitting. Clues 7 and 8, I believe, involve edging on the wings, and finishing off the center motif (since stitches are still held over there) and I'm excited to move onto to something besides wing-work, which I've been doing for endless weeks now. These last two clues also appear MUCH shorter than the previous ones, and I'm hopeful that I'll have this shawl wrapped up by next week. I am often delusional about such things, but here's hoping. I still have the crochet version to pick back up.

*long suffering sigh*

How are your shawls coming fellow Downton Abbey-along'ers? What are YOU working on for National Craft Month? Do write in and let me know. :)


  1. Your shawl is coming along faster than mine. :) I'm still on week 5. However, I did knit a scarf out of ruffle yarn in the last couple of weeks. I still need to bind off and finish it up but it's almost two weeks til the birthday that it is a present for so I'm very happy with myself. I don't have National Crafting Month plans but I have a feeling I will be working on the shawl all month. :)

  2. Hi Melanie! All month long, yes you and me both, girl. ;-) Once I finish the knit version (ha! see how I used the word "finish" right there, like it's a given that this will happen? *strategic*) then I will move back to the crochet version, so I'll be along-ing with you for sure!


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