Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #37 - PiYo power, podcasting updates, & dance request no-no's...

Hi all! An updatey sort of episode today on the newest installment of:

It's a week of updates, to be sure. Lent. New Year's resolutions/workout foibles and fun. A podcasting update with an exciting new purchase on it's way to me as I type. And what NOT to do when looking to book a Middle Eastern dancer for a party.


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Items mentioned in this episode:
  • Upcoming St. Joseph novena, his feast is March 19th. Want to join in?
  • My very pleasant surprise with PiYo. I love this review here, written by a woman close in age to myself. She's using a DVD set rather than in-person instruction, but I think the sentiment applies to both. 
  • Super duper exciting podcasting adventures coming your way prior to Easter! :0
  • I know that you all already know that belly dancing is family friendly and never to be portrayed in a scandalous fashion. It's just too bad that not everyone has received this memo. 
  • Next week we'll be chatting about living out our faith in the workplace. Bookmark your thoughts and experiences for next week's comments!
How is your Lent going, dear reader? Do you have any suggestions for Easter basket gifts? Any new workout adventures relating to New Year's resolutions? Recommendations for things you'd like us to talk about in the upcoming podcast project? Do write in and let me know!


  1. I would love to join in on a St. Joseph Novena.

    Lent's okay. It was going well, but I've been procrastinating about prayer. And this cold has really drained me.

    Easter baskets are tough. So far I bought the kids some religious movies and books. I'll probably hit the dollar store for little things like bubbles, chalk, etc. And I'll look around for some candy ideas. I don't stress too much about Easter. We just got through a round of Birthday, Christmas, Birthday so I try to pick only a few things and most of them that use up like chalk. I am super excited about the score I got on books. My local used book store had a Baltimore catechism, which I know HB will love as he asks all sorts of theological questions. And I found a flap book which Knee likes about Easter.

    I like the idea of talking about your faith and work. I mean how do you deal with certain co-workers, the HR department (particularly with taking time off for Holy Days or insurance) stuff like that?

  2. Hi Delta! Oh fabulous, this reminds me to start a St. Joseph novena tab for the top of the blog, so glad you'll be praying along! The winter illness season has been brutal this year. I suppose it ties into Lent appropriately. :-\

    I always love books for Easter baskets, that's likely what I'll do for Anne. I did get Henry the rosary and saint figurine of St. Maximilian Kolbe. Another Amazon order coming up shortly. :)

    Looking forward to the next Tea Time!

  3. I listened to the podcast on my way to work this morning. When you asked about gifts for Anne I was reminded of the pillowcases with prayers printed on them that I saw this weekend at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. The vendor had 4 or 5 different designs, the one I noticed first had a rosary on it. I didn't look at them closely since there are not any kids in my life I could by them for but I remarked to the friend I was with that I should remember them for the future when my brother has kids.

  4. Hi Melanie! Oooh, what a lovely gift idea! I wish I could sew. ;-)

  5. Lara the (ex)LibrarianMarch 2, 2016 at 7:10 AM

    I like doing yoga - Ashtanga yoga specifically. It's like a dance. I don't usually link it to a meditation, just movement and breathing. I've found a great sequence for pregnancy which helps tons with the sleeping aches and pains.

    I've been looking for an audio novena app - know of any good ones? I've got a nice rosary one, I think novenas could be a nice mix-up.

  6. Lara! So nice to see you. :-) OK, this is great yoga information! I don't link it to meditation either, just muscle stretching and exercise, and that's an excellent point about breathing. I remember doing a prenatal yoga DVD when I was pregnant with Henry that I found really helpful and that I was able to get through much easier than other yoga classes.

    As for audio novenas, I know that has an audio version when they do their monthly novenas. I'm not certain if it's an app or not though. Let's go look! :)

  7. I've never been much on yoga, but can't claim an exhaustive knowledge of all the different kinds, either. I've always liked pilates, which is drawn from yoga (go figure), among other things, so I think it's interesting that someone has decided to "re-fuse the fusion" so to speak.

    My Lenten efforts have not been the most successful this year, but a person can keep trying.

    I still haven't purchased an Easter dress for my daughter(another 4 year old with a decided fashion sense), so I'll probably barely make the Amazon ordering deadline for Easter again this year. And I keep changing my mind on what to get my kiddos. My son is in love with any sort of toy rubber lizard, snake, dinosaur or sea creature. Is it weird to put a rubber octopus in an Easter basket? Eh, who am I kidding :)

  8. Hi Amy!! Yes, I haven't made my pre-Easter Amazon order yet either. I have a few saint books in there for Anne, but I'm still deciding whether or not those are definitely the ones. She'll have leggings and a top in her Easter basket, so it can be an eclectic mix, like the octopi. ;-)

    I like Pilates too, better than Yoga. But Yoga is growing on me. PiYo fuses them, for sure, but it is my understanding that it is it's own stand-alone "thing" with different training and a much faster pace than the other two. She plays kicky music during the class, which I sort of love.


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