Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #35 - Assorted Lenten & fitness updates, plus "You want to write your paper on *what now*?!"

Ooohh, it's Thursday, which is quickly becoming my favorite day over here on this blog. :)

Today I have a Lenten update, a fitness update, and a tale from my Library Research Methods course, which you would think would be boring, wouldn't you? ;-)

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Items mentioned in this episode:
Do you have books to add to the Lenten reading list? Please do list below! Also, how is your Lent going? The campus minister here during Mass yesterday made that the point of his homily - that we should try and remember the faces we glimpse at Mass, so that when we see one another around campus, we can ask, "Hey, how's your Lent going?" :)

I covet your comments, and as ever, I'm looking forward to talking to you again next week!


  1. I started the Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Fr. Michael Gaitley yesterday, and plan to use that as my spiritual reading during Lent. I want to add nightly journaling and eihter Morning Prayer or Night Prayer each day. I'm joining Hallie Lord in giving up a fear (, and also joined the Lenten Mercy Challenge that you talked about in the episode.

    1. Samantha, all great suggestions, girl! Thank you so much for including them here. :-)

  2. During Lent since 2013 I have given up secular books and so I read nothing but Catholic or Christian books. As of right now I am reading 'Aquinas at Prayer' by Fr. Paul Murray, OP. It is quite good and I love Fr. Paul's work. Maybe tomorrow I will look through my Catholic bookshelves (yes I have bookshelves dedicated to Catholicism) and any of them I have read (which a good many) I will make sure to comment again to give recommendations. I read too much!

    God Bless,

  3. Nikita, so glad to have you here! And THANK YOU for the excellent book recommendation! I would love for you to leave more titles if you end up perusing your Catholic shelves. I do the same thing by the way. I see this as very normal behavior for a librarian. ;-)

  4. A weird thing I noticed while reading my Lenten book (God For Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter): I really like reading scripture online! The book has suggested scripture passages for each day, and I've been looking them up on my phone to read while I have the book in my lap. This is terrible but I've never really liked any of the Bibles I've owned...several have had that tissue-thin paper and it bugs me. I get bored just looking at it! So the devotional + scripture online is working well for me so far.


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