Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #34 - Calling all people with Lenten ideas!

Happy Thursday everyone! And I'm pleased as punch to be with you for another installment of:

Today I'm talking about LENT! It's pretty close on our heels, somehow. I discuss what I'd like to do for Lent, and solicit your ideas. I also weave in family and general life anecdotes as I often do, so please do come join me!

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Items mentioned in this episode:
  • The ongoing Our Lady of Lourdes novena. Did I mention this? If I didn't, I should have. ;-)
  • My next Catholic Mom piece, also about Lent, is coming out on Monday. Link coming then!
So. What are YOUR plans for Lent, dear reader/listener/viewer? You have so many roles in my life these days. ;-) And you know, this weekend is the home of Super Bowl Sunday. We're party people, so we're having a party. :0 How about you?!


  1. I listened on my commute into work this morning. It was great! I haven't quite decided on my Lenten plans yet but I'm thinking that I'd like to so some spiritual reading. I'm debating between Fr. James Martin's Jesus a pilgrimage and Matthew Kelley's Rediscover Jesus. I have both books and am leaning towards Jesus a pilgrimage.

    I had forgotten the Super Bowl was this Sunday. I'm not a sports person so I'm not planning to watch it but if it is on at my house I might watch it. I like to knit in the living room and that is where the tv is.

  2. Hi Melanie! Yes, I will knit during the Super Bowl as well. Downton Abbey shawl?! Mine is moving at a *glacial* pace, but I picked it back up and it is indeed coming along. Still on clue 3 though. :0

    I like your spiritual reading idea. That reminds me of my book club reading list, lol! I'll read one of the spiritual titles on the list, great idea!

  3. Great video! While I was watching I decided to subscribe on iTunes too, so I can listen when that's more convenient. My Lenten plans are still evolving. I'm also thinking about some spiritual reading, I ordered a book called God for Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter and will try reading from that every day. I'm also thinking about giving up HGTV during Lent...or maybe just limiting watching to one show per night. :) As a Presbyterian we don't really have much in the way of shared Lenten practices, but I'm feeling like this particular one would be good for me.

    I don't have many ideas about what to do with children yet...not quite at that point in my life. I'm recently married and still figuring out the whole, I'm-religious-but-he's-not scene. While we share many spiritual inclinations, I'm much more at home in a church, and with the language of Christianity, than my husband is.

  4. No Super Bowl for me--Notre Dame's not playing. I'll be watching Downton Abbey instead.

    For Lent, I want to add the spiritual practice of praying the Angelus at least once a day.

    1. Hi Barb! I *love* your Angelus idea, how beautiful! That's a great one- such a short, simple prayer, but packs a wallop full of meaning!

  5. Hi Anne!!! So glad that you wrote in, and are enjoying Tea Time in its various incarnations. :-) I love your spiritual reading g idea. I think I'm going to try and tackle a spiritual title from my book club reading list. "Life from our Land" probably.

    On the marriage thing, I understand. As you get further on in your marriage, you're able to navigate things easier, as you grow in understanding and experience of each other. That's definitely been my experience.

  6. Oh Lent....I recently watched a video by ascension presents by father mike schmitz about lent and he said so many of us pick these crazy lenten promises that are just ridiculous we would never do it for more than a saying the rosary 12 times a day. So he encouraged people to pick really small things that you'd be more likely to accomplish.

    I am participating in a small group study called The Living Eucharist. From what I have looked at in the book it looks really good. It has discussion questions, reflections, and lectio divina on next weeks mass readings. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I'll probably try and read through the little lent reflection book the parish gave out after mass today. On my BLOG I am hosting 40 lenten writing prompts. The prompts go up every monday and then on thursday a link-up gets posted where you can write about them. I'm really looking forward to this. I did it for advent and people seemed to enjoy it.

  7. Hi Beth Anne! Your group study sounds *awesome*, what a blessing! Excellent. And oooooo, your Lenten prompts idea? Kick ass, girl. :0 I love it! I'll definitely be checking that out.


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