Monday, March 21, 2016

Holy Week begins, and thus novenas are in the air!!

Ooooooh, look at that, it's Monday and I'm posting again!! Well, the fun times come to an end after this particular Monday, for sure. Until the semester wraps up, that is. Spring break is over, but my regular class is cancelled today in lieu of a "research day" (i.e. we didn't expect many of them to be alert and conscious on the first day back from break). I did have a one-time English Composition class to teach today, but that was done by 10 am, so my schedule is much more open today. This worked out well since the end of my week is going to be blog-less due to it being Holy Week.

But Holy Week.


I had a FANTASTIC start to things with Palm Sunday yesterday, and my plan is to talk about that during a special Holy Week edition of Tea Time with Tiffany that I will record on Wednesday. Tuesday? Ishk. If that's a word. Let's just be honest, it ISN'T. So, I'm coining this now, "ishk" means "don't even ask, it's THAT crappy." Very, very busy tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll have time to blog. But Wednesday we should be able to have tea together. So go ready your mugs!

In the meantime, I sorted out some novena plans over the weekend, and wanted to see if you all desired to join me! I am in need of a new rosary novena for some special intentions. To that end, I have created a brand new 54 Day Rosary Novena page, and the first day is TODAY! I have all of the deets on how the novena works (and why it is so long!) over on that page, so click on over, dear reader, and have a look! I love that the finish day when we start day is May 13th, feast of Our Lady of Fatima. I mean, is that perfect or what?! So start your rosaries today if you want to participate. If you start a day or so hence, just adjust your dates accordingly and we'll still be praying in tandem for the majority of the time, which is great too!

Also, this Friday marks day one of the annual Divine Mercy Novena, and I LOVE that one each year! Pray More Novenas is hosting this one, so you can sign up to get the prayers in your email inbox. Head on over to their site to join in!

Multiple novenas plus the other spiritual reading that I'm still finishing up for Lent? Indeed I may be setting myself up to miss something and not get a gold star on everything. But that's OK. I'll endeavor to do my best, and I'll be praying along with all of you. That is all that is important, and it keeps my focus on where it needs to be. I'll take it.

Joining in? Let me know! We can pray for each others' intentions. *heart*

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