Monday, March 14, 2016

Of saints, socks, new Bibles & podcast foibles on this Lenten Monday...

Well, isn't this a surprise? Tiffany with blogging time on her hands on a Monday? It's spring break, so let's get all wild! ;-) The schedule around here may be a bit different next week too, given that I'm taking time off from both work and blogging for the Triduum. But one day at a time, yes?

This particular Monday is also my big day over at This month we're discussing child saints and how our own children are inspired by, and can relate to, them. Come join in the conversation over there in the comments!

In other news, on Friday I got home to a few exciting developments. Lovely spring flowers in my signature colors with accompanying sassy preschooler:

You might want to see if this package deal is still available in your local supermarket ;-)

...and a new Bible that I am *super* excited about:

Cristina and I talk about this Bible on the pilot episode of our new podcast, and that's the OTHER exciting thing about Friday! As of then, our podcast was officially pending approval at iTunes, with the big launch set for this week!

Note the use of the past tense in that aforementioned sentence? I got in this morning with no podcast on iTunes, and an email from them that read in the subject field: "iTunes Store Podcast Rejected Notification."

Them's fightin' words. :0

Is it just me, or is that subject line not even grammatically correct?


At any rate, I panicked, read the message therein, and then lapsed quickly into confusion. I'm thinking that this is because the following characteristics apply to the email:

Amount of helpful information: 0%
Amount of outdated information: 100%
Amount of dead or irrelevant links: 100%
Amount of information with any level of specificity: 0%

My mental state swung wildly between: Confused, Feeling Rejected, to: Confused, Feeling Angry, to: Bitter, Nursing Headache. A lot of Googling ensued, with any attempt to click on retrieved topics from the Apple help forums requiring you to LOG IN to see them, further fueling my ire. I finally got some help from our friend and fellow blog reader Stephanie, and although our feed validated just fine as part of the submission form, I found some very minor issues with the feed that may have caused the rejection. I fixed everything, and resubmitted. Now we wait. Again.

*Feeling Nostril Flarey*

So no big announcement/launch today, but maybe tomorrow? Hope springs eternal. The feed works, you could all manually paste it into your podcatcher of choice (including iTunes, I tested it, just for the record. And it worked fine there even before today's tweaks. *Insert all sorts of righteous indignation here*). But we'd rather not advertise it until it is fully searchable in iTunes, so let's give it another day. If this happens a second time, I may be more amenable to making a discreet obscene gesture in the direction of iTunes and just having you all subscribe via the feed. WHICH WORKS. Sorry, lapsing into the anger phase again. :0

Let's move on to some happy news, yes? I was a busy knitter, and finished a gift sock this weekend:

Now I just have to, you know, make her a second one. Because apparently she's a diva and needs TWO of them. ;-) I already cast on for sock 2, which I think should earn me future purgatory points. It's always hard to not move over to a brand new, fresh project after you finish something, and instead diligently make an exact replica of the thing that you just made. When you go the former route, this is called Second Sock Syndrome, which my husband thinks is hilarious and that I made this cute thing up. I assure you, the Second Sock Syndrome struggle is very, very real. :0

How are you, dear reader? How is your last full week of Lent going? Are you looking forward to the new podcast? Do tell me all about it in the comments!

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