Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bouncing off the walls over here on a beautiful spring-like day...

I am all discombobulated today, but in the best way possible. I mean, I don't even have an image to go in this post, and yet I don't care, and I'm all giddy. :0 I'm working the evening shift, and even that hasn't dampened my spirits.

The morning started out with a chirpy Anne greeting me in bed and asking how the Worship Committee meeting went last night, since I got back after she was already asleep.

"I came to see you when I got back, Lovey, but you were already sound asleep. I gave you a kiss."

"I did not feel your kiss, Mommy!"

She was quite outraged.

"Whenever you come into my room, Mommy, you need to say: 'Anne, Anne wake up!'"

Yeah sure. I'll make sure and do that next time. ;-)

But back to the point, the Worship Committee meeting went *splendidly*. Nobody was cranky, huzzah! We talked about Holy Week. As ever, I am SO looking forward to the Triduum, and plan to attend all of the liturgies. Fr. Joe is hosting a get-together for us on Holy Thursday night. :) And the Easter Vigil will be magnificent.

Interestingly, we do not have any Catechumens this year, and so there will be no RCIA component to the Vigil Mass. We do have 2 Candidates for Confirmation, but apparently if there are not also Catechumens, it is against the rubrics to just confirm those Candidates at the Easter Vigil. They will receive the sacrament with the rest of the Confirmation class in May. Intriguing, yes?

So, I got home, had a lovely evening with Mike and Henry, and woke up this morning to a chirpy Anne. Check. Then I got ready and set off for work. The sun is shining and the temperature here is incredibly mild. Spring is coming!

As I was driving along, praying a rosary, I noticed a bird fall to the ground. Naturally, sensitive-disposition person that I am, I panicked:

"Oh gosh, that poor bird! Does he have a broken wing?! I hope...Oh. There's another bird right there with him. Right. Nobody is hurt. Let's give them some privacy!"

Yet another sign of spring. :0

So, I got in, and because I'm working the evening shift tonight, I technically have comp time coming to me. And so I took advantage of that opportunity to do something that is a LONG time in coming.

*big suspense!*

It's not exactly a secret, because we've been talking about it for months. But let's just say it's podcast related, and I'm so excited about it that I can hardly sit still. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow during Tea Time with Tiffany!

Details tomorrow, but no actual *product* until next week, just fyi. Let's just say that Tiffany has some serious technical magic to work behind the scenes to make this dream a reality. Anybody know if there is a patron saint of audio editing?! I need his or her contact information please.

I mean it. Leave it in the comments. :0


  1. St. Isodore of Seville wrote an encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia. He is also the patron of the internet, computer users, computer technicians, and computer programming. I'm thinking he's your guy for audio editing. He's becoming my new BSF (best saint friend).

    My brother was one of those who dragged his feet about getting confirmed. He didn't do it until I suggested it in order to be his nephew's godfather. He went through the RCIA and then was confirmed post-Easter if my memory serves. I think he was confirmed a couple of weekends (or the weekend prior) to becoming a godfather. My parish didn't care about his confirmation. They only asked about his baptism, which I thought odd but went with.

  2. Delta, St. Isadore!!!!!!!!!!! YES! :0

  3. Looking forward to "Teatime" as well as the "surprise"! Oh, Anne- what a sweetie! I am surprised no catechumens - my husband and I converted in 2002 and i don't think I've ever known an Easter since that there weren't catechumens. Praying the St Joseph novena with you! He has done some amazing intercession in our lives. And Spring- yes! No complaints about our winter this year but I adore Spring! The transformation is always amazing to me. Praying you have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Catherine! So nice to see you, dear one! Yeah, I was surprised at the lack of Catechumens too. We don't have a huge parish, but we've always had a few each year since I joined. So glad you're praying along with us for the St. Joseph novena! And with on the spring thing - we've had a great winter, don't get me wrong, but the spring has become one of my favorite times of year. So fresh and lovely and rejuvenating.


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