Monday, May 4, 2015

Doughnuts & sunshine, on the 5th Sunday of Easter...

Morning all! It's a beautiful Monday here, and although I had a fantastic weekend, I'm feeling a bit blue this morning. This would be on account of my daughter, who woke up with The Crab Face, and escalated things from there:

"Anne, you need a bath this morning, Sweetheart."

"NO! I do NOT WANT a bath!"

"Why don't we..."


*yanks face away from attempted kiss*

Later, she was contrite and snuggled with me over an episode of "Peter Rabbit." Then, she and Mike drove me to work, since he's taking my car for new tires today. When I got out of the car and kissed them goodbye, Anne broke out The I'm About To Cry Face, complete with quivery lip and rapidly filling eyes:


*bursts into tears*

It was heartbreaking. I did my best to soothe, but she was having none of it. I had to close the door and walk away while she cried and it was awful. Awful, I tell you.


So I'm super emotional and vulnerable right now. Don't you wish you were hangin' out with me? ;-) Oh wait, YOU ARE!

So let's talk about Sunday, and tomorrow I'll circle back to the hafla on Saturday, which was incredibly fun, can't wait for that one. But for now, the 5th Sunday of Easter.

It was a beautiful day. People, WE CAN GO OUTSIDE NOW! There's grass and stuff growing out there. :0 Flowers, like you see above. Those may actually be weeds, who knows, they came with the house and grow along the fence line, but they're pretty, so I don't kill them. And we have a tulip!  Life is grand.

The kids and I headed to Mass at 10 am, and afterwards was scheduled the first monthly coffee hour with our new pastor. We were suitably excited.

Mass had barely started before we had a request for a restroom run, complete with crotch grab and dance out in the aisle, so it's not like I had a choice in the matter. We made it back to the pew before the Gloria was finished so that she could make it to Children's Liturgy of the Word, which was good. Everything proceeded fine from that point on, our altar Easter flowers looking a bit peaked but still holding up.

Afterward, the kids watched with excitement as a table with doughnuts and other treats, plus coffee and juice, was revealed in the back. We milled about and chatted with some friendly faces, including Fr. Joe. I'm very glad that they're going to be having this each month now. Sadly, I will miss the June installment, as I'll be out of town (CNMC though :0 *squeals*) but lots of other opportunities for fellowship.

We ended up chatting with a very nice lady who coordinates the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and she invited me to consider getting involved in that if I wanted to, such as by bringing the Eucharist to a homebound parishoner. That's a lovely idea for the future. I met this same lady before at the Worship Committee meeting ("It's so nice to have young people involved!") and I pretty much love her now. ;-) She told me yesterday, in a discussion about age, that being in her 40's was her favorite decade, so her fate is sealed now as My Very Favorite Person At The Parish. 

And how was your Sunday, dear reader? Come back tomorrow for a fun dance post!


  1. Is it me or does it not matter if you have 3 yearolds use the bathroom before Mass? They always need to go. On a happy note, my 3 yearold didn't leave in a hysterical screaming fit in the middle of Mass. That may very well have been miraculous. :-)

  2. AGREED. And can I have an Amen? :0


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