Monday, May 19, 2014

My baby's 3rd birthday...

My precious little gal turned 3 years old yesterday:

She's kind of tall, isn't she? Mike and I seem to produce these gigantic children. :0 She has on her birthday necklace in this photo, which is an 'A' charm, her birthstone (emerald), and a St. Therese medal (her middle name!).

Anne was SO excited for her party, and awoke from her nap to greet all of her guests at the door. She ran around happily with birthday balloons, and we were able to Skype with my twin nephews, which she LOVED. Then we ate, and busted out the cake:

Anne loved her cake, and is rather a fan of all cake, just like her mother:

She was thrilled to tear into her gifts, which included lots of Dora gear:

This is a Dora guitar. If you guessed that such a noisy gift *wasn't* from her parents, you would be correct :0
...some new jammies, a sit 'n spin, and some Melissa & Doug wooden "paper" dolls:

Soon, the birthday girl was winding down:

But hard to believe, that exactly 3 years prior, our precious little one looked like this:

And now we have this:

I handled it pretty well, I didn't cry once, which I think is pretty darn impressive. Over the weekend, we enjoyed the kids a lot and took them miniature golfing. And that is a nice thing about Anne being a bit older, she can participate more in activities like that. See? I'm trying to focus on the positive.


Happy birthday Anne!!!!!!


  1. Yeah... I feel a bit emotional about the turning 3 soon too... I can't believe it's been 3 years already! Time for another one! ;) (I say that to you because everyone says it to me!)

    1. Yep, totally understand. ;-) I think my age gives some people pause to say I should have another one, lol, but I've definitely been there!


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