Friday, April 19, 2013

Need a new novena...

Clearly. :) Here is a nice list from EWTN. I'd like to start one early next week. If anybody else wants to pray along, leave a comment with a novena suggestion and I'll post on Monday about what I pick. Then I can post and/or link to the prayers each day and we can all pray together.

Tonight I'll be preoccupied with our dance performance which frankly is a very good thing. It should be a quiet weekend and my rosary beads will get a workout. I've been dancing at home in the evenings again after Anne goes to bed to prepare for a solo at the upcoming hafla which is also a nice distraction for me. There's nothing quite like sticking a sword on your head to keep you focused.

Everybody stay safe this weekend and pray hard. And please include the very superficial intention that I not fall off the modeling runway tonight. :)

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