Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boys vs. Girls

From the strands of "Someday my prince will come..." emanating from our living room these days via Anne's Disney Princess Castle, comes a tale of having both a male and a female child.

"Anne, WOULD YOU TURN THAT DOWN?! I can hardly hear Spongebob!"

You know how it goes.

Anne: "Wipe!" She hates to have schmutz on her hands or to have a dirty diaper.

Henry: Would go for days without wiping his mouth or changing his underwear if we didn't intervene. Oh, and here's a gem - "Mommy I really had to go to the bathroom when I was outside playing. So I just peed over by the garage."


What is it about people with penises that makes them think that they can just use them to pee wherever they want?! THEY ARE DANGEROUS WITH THOSE THINGS.

Anne: Feeds bottles to her baby dolls and offers them food off her plate.

Henry: Eats too quickly to share with anybody.

Anne: Keeps track of her stuff. "Joan!" If a saint doll rolls under the couch, we are immediately alerted and asked to retrieve her. Yes, Anne is on an informal first name basis with her saints.

Henry: Wouldn't be able to find his own pants unless we aided him in this effort.

This all makes it sound like Anne is easier to live with than Henry. On the contrary. Henry is not a toddler and hence does not wake up on the wrong side of the crib and throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the kitchen. Nor does he throw food if he doesn't want it or refuse to put on his shoes when it's time to go anywhere.

It's always interesting in our house, to be sure.

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  1. LOL! That Henry story about the garage reminded me of some kids my best friends used to babysit. They had to teach them that no, in fact, if you're at the park and need to go just finding a nearby tree is *not* acceptable...


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