Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gratuitous crafty pictures

I'm interrupting our normal Catholic talk to interject photos of some of my latest creations, these mysterious birthday gifts that I've been alluding to since Lent began. Yes, they are finally done and gifted to the intended recipient, so the big reveal!

I made my friend Stacy a shower pouf (is that even a word? But you know what I mean, right??)

And a dragonfly washcloth:

 Melissa was on the receiving end of my new obsession with crocheted food. She is now the proud owner of her very own slice of red velvet cake:

 And an ice cream sandwich:

Nancy's gift turned out fairly show stopping, if I do say so myself. I call him my little "wolf in sheep's clothing" since he is ironically made out of wool:

I mean, did you ever? He is the cutest thing I have ever made. And I bravely gave him away (although I wanted him for myself, BADLY.) Nancy, I hope you appreciate this sacrifice. :) And remember to keep him away from those knitted lambs you have in your office...

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