Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just numb...

I don't want to depress any of us further, but I'm starting to think that checking the national news, you know, EVER, is a bad, bad idea. Like everybody else in the country today, I'm feeling blue. Having children makes seeing stories of any kind of violence SO much more painful, as if to make things even worse.

Between the Boston Marathon bombing and the Gosnell murder trial details, I can barely sleep. And just seeing the word "Newtown" still makes me shut down in emotional pain, but I've tried to do my best to not cry anymore about that and move on, because what else *can* we do?

Interestingly, at my very secular place of employment when I was on my lunchtime walk I espied a pro-life demonstration out in front of the Student Union. But seeing the pictures that they had set up nearly sent me over the edge of breaking down in public and having people stare at me oddly. I feel emotionally battered today, and I know that I have it so much better than people with physical reminders of these horrible events.

But seriously, the news websites? We have mass murder, rape and pillaging, various natural disasters and fears of a deadly bird flu outbreak. Oh great, in the local news let's read about someone setting a dog on fire. It's enough to put a person into a self-induced coma.

I'm clinging to my rosary and praying. There's really nothing else to say. Let us just pray.

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