Thursday, April 18, 2013

My dance girls make me so happy...

Last night our troupe had an extra rehearsal to run through the number we're doing at the charity event Friday evening. We finally found out some definitive information about his ominous-sounding modeling runway that we'll be dancing on, and could practice dancing in the new formation we'll be required to make in order to fit. The runway is wider than anticipated, which is a good thing (remember: Tiffany falling off edge and landing in a heap of lycra on the floor = we don't want this). Unfortunately, I'm the first person to walk out, meaning that I need to stand in one end of the inverted 'T" all by myself, so if I screw up everybody will see me extra good. I'll do what I can.

But as always, amidst a very difficult week, we had a great time together.

Heard at the studio last night:

"Which way do we swoosh on the barrel turn? I think I'm in group 2, so do I pause, swoosh with right arm and then scoop back to neutral?"

"Do they have someplace good for us to wait before we dance? I hate when we have to stand in our costumes all crammed into a stairwell or something." (THIS IS SO TRUE. Stairwells, prop rooms, countless ladies' room stalls; once we had to change in Claire's car taking turns holding up veils as a shield.)

"Is there a dressing room there?" "Well yes, but I doubt you'll want to use it, we'd have to share with the models and I did that last time. Not good. Lots of shrieking and hair spray everywhere."

"Now you have to just walk out rather than our other entrance since we'll be on the runway. And remember! We don't *just walk*. Strut with your hips and make it count!"

"Hold your veil high when you walk out but make sure there is enough space between you and the person behind you. You don't want to suffocate anybody with your veil."

"Veil suffocation" is a very real fear in belly dance, believe me.

It was good. And in a week like this, may we all have people in our lives that can still make us laugh.

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