Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy belly dancing news...

My bellydance studio has moved to a new home and my class danced there this past Friday. BEAUTIFUL.

It was funny, because the building hadn't been rented in years and years and was in sore need of some TLC. We're talking shag carpet on the walls, hideous light fixtures, unexplainable garlic skins littered everywhere, and a bathroom that needed to be gutted. The performance group took some "before photos" over there about a month ago.

Seeing it now you would never know it's the same place. Bright pink, gold and orange abound, it's very "genie in a bottle" and just gorgeous. It's so large that we can now do group passes across the floor, which is a glorious thing.

So I'm now in a bellydance nirvana, but I'm still debating about my solo for the upcoming hafla. Today I actually made a pro and con list for using my sword during the solo (see "Is the Catholic Librarian Type A? infra).


(1) I've never danced with my sword at a hafla before. I like to keep things different from hafla to hafla to challenge myself.

(2) The sword is a crowd pleaser and people will be more likely to remember my solo. Hopefully as in "wow, remember that girl that danced with a *sword* on her head?!" rather than "wow, remember that girl that danced and the sword fell off her head?!"

(3) It's one of my strengths. Veil is not my strength, nor is cane, and zills are non-existent. But I love my sword. Most of the time.


(1) More anxiety involved with a prop. You can't control a prop in the same way you can control your own body.

(2) More room for error. It doesn't matter how many times you get that sword balanced with no trouble whatsoever during practice, in performance it's a whole different animal.

(3) More room for embarrassment and humiliation. This is a biggie.

Sooooo, what's a self respecting belly dancer to do? I have absolutely no idea. But I'm starting to have belly dancing dreams, so I know that it's on my mind.

*bites nails*

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