Friday, March 16, 2012

What's new in Anne's world...

Unfortunately, "sleep" is not new in her world. But we're persevering.

What is new to her this week is finger foods. She's loving her foray into Cheerios. And those little puffs you can buy at the store that have approximately 20 calories per 200,000 puffs. But it's sweet, you can pop her into the high chair with some of those on her tray and she'll happily entertain herself for 20-30 minutes while you actually have your hands free to do something other than pull her chubby form away from Something That You Don't Want Her To Have.

She used to hate her high chair. Suddenly, it's her best friend. Usually. Occasionally she'll kick and throw her head back when you try to put her in there (this can't possibly bode well for the Terrible Two's, sigh). But most of the time she's happy as a clam in there.

We have a traditional looking Fisher Price high chair. Easy to wipe down and wheel about when the need arises. And the seat features this little bug print. They're friendly looking bugs. Although Anne apparently does not share my opinion. I keep catching her swiveled around in the seat looking at the bugs with an expression that can only be read as:

"There you are again you EVIL FIENDS!! Why are you staring at me like that?!"

She's precious.

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