Monday, March 5, 2012

More teething woes

I was hoping for a more substantive post today, but there you have it. I know everybody will feel sorry for me regarding teething issues, so I decided to just go with that. :)

Anne is cutting another tooth. It's on the top, next to the middle teeth, whatever those are called. The vampire fang teeth. And as you can imagine, she's not real happy about it. Nor are we.

Mike: "Sleep wasn't this bad with Henry when he was this age."

CatholicLibrarian: "Oh Honey, how sweet, you've repressed the memory so as to make that time a happier place in your mind, that's nice. Because it *was* this bad. It really was."

Alas. But I can see the tooth *just* about to come through the gum line. Plus she's drooling. Everywhere. And whenever guests come over we're forced to warn them:

"Aww.... she's so cute! I think she wants to suck on my finger..."

"CAREFUL!!! She bites."

And it *hurts*. But she's gnawing on everything. Our limbs. Her toys. Her crib. The couch. The curtains. I even catch her trying to align her mouth with drawer pulls and other cabinet fixtures.

I remember this from Henry. It just goes on, and on, and ON.

Oh sigh.

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