Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has sprung

Signs that spring is officially here:

(1) I'm no longer wearing my cute LLBean Storm Chasers to and from work and have started wearing my Mary Janes home.

(2) A transitional fleece jacket has replaced my heavy winter wool coat.

(3) I'm starting to knit with cotton.

(4) A crow flew by me today with some straw-like stuff in her beak. At least this year she wasn't bound for our house. Last year we had a mourning dove nest in one of our windowsills and house sparrows in our attic vent. It's like there was a "SYMPATHETIC BREEDING FEMALE" aura that they all sensed.

(5) I'm coveting yarn in spring greens and pinks. Because I already don't have enough yarn. *snorts*

(6) Our tulips are starting to come up.

I love spring. Such a fresh, sweet feeling to it.

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