Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I had every intention of posting yesterday, but well. Let's see...

I arrived at work in a sleep-deprived stupor, so that didn't exactly start things off with a bang. Anne was just up and up and UP, and she just wouldn't go back to sleep once she was up, which is what she does when she's sick or teething. So I was exhausted. Yet another OPERATION: LOOK ALIVE dispatched in the early morning hours so that I could show my face in public. Oh, and I found a few more gray hairs. And this after my previous efforts to rid myself of them (CL:"I'm very upset about all this gray hair I seem to be getting." Mike: "I don't see any gray hair." CL: "That's because I pulled them all out.") So I was in a *great* mood to start off the day.

I had a reference shift. No, wait, a meeting. It just happened to *last* nearly as long as a 2 hour reference shift. I'm not bitter or anything. I mean, I finished my tea 45 minutes in and was ready to leave then, but apparently other people like meetings. I suppose some things just can't be explained.

Then I had to quickly pump. I had a few business-related emails to get out. Then I had to get my computer ready for it's upcoming upgrade. Well, unfortunately for my computer, it was getting retired. I was slated to get a new machine, and one would have thought I would be happy about such a thing.

But I wasn't. Because I have a Type A personality and I like all my little ducks in a row. I was used to my old computer. I liked him very much. He and I had an understanding. He ran a little slow sometimes, but I put up with it because he put things where I could find them and satisfied my other needs. Since we have only very old and slow computers at home and have no desire to pay for new ones, my small iTunes library lives on my work computer. And I was panicking about moving everything over without losing anything.

I set about following Apple's directions for saving the library. I let it do it's thing and went on my knitting lunch break. When I returned, 25 minutes prior to my new computer arrival, I found that the save had aborted about a quarter of the way through because I didn't have enough space on my iPod.


There commenced Panic Attack #1. I called our wonderful IT group and asked if they could come an hour later than scheduled, and they graciously agreed. I set back to work trying to save everything to my iPod (hereinafter, "Max") so that I could use him as a hard drive to reload the content back onto iTunes on the new machine.

Why didn't I think of using my external hard drive? I have no notion, because I left that at home. As I experienced Panic Attack #2, I cursed myself for being an absolute idiot.

I had to move things around and delete some stuff to create more room on Max. Panic Attack #3. Then I realized that I couldn't find the iTunes folder back on the C drive so that I could always go back to it in case my great "iPod as a hard drive" idea failed. Panic Attack #4. So I had to copy the folder from Max back to the C drive and I nearly didn't have enough time before the IT folks arrived. Panic Attack #5.

By time they got here, I was a wreck. I was over-tired and anxiety-ridden. And then they installed my new machine and there was my iTunes library, with all the content therein, because they had copied it over for me.

*a thing of beauty*

And all those panic attacks were for nothing.

So then I went home and dealt with a needy and exhausted Anne and a hyper Henry. And when we sat down to watch Downton Abbey later, Anne woke up.

And there commenced Abysmal Night #111. Mike and I were so tired that we actually lost count of how many times she woke up. I brought Anne back to her crib around 2 am, and 10 minutes later she was up again, and Mike seemed all confused when he brought her back to our bed and I mentioned that she'd only been in her crib for 5 minutes. He's slept right through that particular part of our nightmare. :)

And that little fang still hasn't broken through the gum.


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