Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just one of those nights

From the moment I got home from work yesterday evening, Anne had a sour look on her little face, and I knew that this boded poorly. Anne is an extremely happy baby, the most social of the 4 of us, seriously. But the instant you'd put her down, she'd burst into tears, never a good sign. Plus:

(1) I have sore nipples. Sorry, I should have posted a TMI warning on that one, but I'm sure you're used to me by now. This always happens right before Anne gets a new tooth. She has 3 teeth right now, which is pretty funny. That top front one is really longing for its partner. Anyway, it changes her latch or something when she teethes, and the soreness really gets bad. Everything hurts right now, including pumping. Ok, enough about nipples, I suppose.

(2) She's drooling up a storm. I mean, literally puddles on the kitchen floor.

(3) She's coughing, so she's gotten a cold or something. Fantastic. Plus,

(4) She's already overtired from the accumulation of 2 months worth of bad nights all in a row. It's like this vicious, vicious cycle.

And sure enough, as the evening wore on, she cranked more and more. Until I put her to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual, because she was literally unbearable. And does this mean that a little baby whose body is sick and tired will just sleep the entire night because it so badly needs its rest?

No, of course not. :)

By 9:30, just as I was drifting off, I hear the telltale snuffling sounds. Followed by the outright crying sounds. 2 nursing sessions later, plus a short scream-fest in the crib, it became clear that she had no intention of going back to sleep. So, we went downstairs to watch Frasier together and snuggle.

Thank God for the Hallmark channel.

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