Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anatomy of a baby scream

So, last night Anne got a hold of a pot lid. She turned it over in wonder in her hands, and caught sight of her reflection on the outside.

"There's that attractive baby again! Better wave so that she'll come back and visit. Is she on the other side of this thing too?!"

*much lid flipping commences*

Suddenly, the inevitable happens:


And thereupon commences the scenario that all parents are so very familiar with:

(1) Moment of shocked silence.

(2) Parent looks anxiously at baby.

(3) Baby's face turns red.

(4) Baby's face reflects expression of absolute outrage.

(5) Baby opens mouth and sucks in as much air as she possibly can (although only as much as will allow her to maintain her clear body language of being Royally Pissed Off).

(6) Baby flails limbs. And then...

(7) All the stored up air comes rushing back out in a howl of protest and indignation, registering at the highest possible setting of the baby volume meter. How dare that pot lid strike her like that?!

(8) Baby is immediately picked up and cuddled, but she pushes you away. Clearly, you and the pot lid were in cahoots together.

(9) After a minute or so of forced soothing, baby settles down and swipes her fist across her teary face. There's still other interesting new finds to be had in that open cupboard...

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  1. You've got me rolling on the floor laughing.

    Isn't that the way with kids though? Even my toddler did something like that the other day. He was playing with a marker and it's lid. First the lid rolled on the floor (we were at the dining room table). Then he lost the marker. He stood up in his booster seat, got a very angry look on his face, sucked in air and screamed so hard that he was shaking with frustration. Thankfully I didn't giggle then.


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