Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anne's world: 8.5 months

As you can see, she's at the refrigerator looking for a drink. :) I've been grumpy the past few days, so I determined that I wanted to dwell on more uplifting things. It's not helping that I have to edit my tenure documents, and the reason I'm blogging right now is to procrastinate with that *just* a hair longer. The good news is that my tenure documents look good, and once I make these few edits, they're ready to move on past the library-level review onto the university-level. I do feel confident that I will receive tenure. That's even better news. The bad news is that I have to rewrite the conclusion to my required Statement of Research Interests, and well. I wrote this thing, and I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than read it again.

So, Anne. She's adorable. She's also into everything. She's on top of things. She's inside of things. She's opening things. She's underneath things. She's dismantling things. She's unscrewing things. It's rather impossible to sit down and relax when she's on the loose these days.

And every day, I make sure to fit in an indoctrination session:

"Anne. Say: "Ma Ma. Ma Ma. Can you say that? MA MA."

She knows her name, and will look when you call her, which is pretty cute. And she does say Fa Fa. And Ba Ba. And what sounds like Tha Tha.

I'm busily putting yarn into my online shopping cart in preparation for knitting her some summer dresses. And a coat for next winter. And a new hat. God, I love knitting for her. I just love her. And I feel so blessed that we have her.

Although I'm still not sleeping at night, but hey. You can't have everything.

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