Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've been knitting up a storm in the evenings lately after the kids go to bed, and my latest obsession is dishcloths. Because they're so very exciting, you know.

I like dishcloths because they're quick and easy, they're practical, they make great gifts, and plus I'm starting to think about spring and cotton is on my mind. We needed some new ones, since our current batch are starting to look raggedy, and so away I went.

I'm using Knit Picks Dishie worsted weight cotton, and I have to say, I love it. It's very tightly spun and has a nice drape to it. AND there are *tons* of dishcloth patterns out there for free. I'm currently making a waffle knit dishcloth and it's creating a nice nubby fabric, perfect for scrubbing dishes.

Oh oh! AND this is my new favorite. :) I found a designer yesterday via Ravelry that I'm terribly excited about. She has a great blog for free cloth and baby bib patterns. Baby bibs are another great use of cotton that I hadn't thought of before! Shazzam! More Anne knitting, plus some gift knitting. I love having new projects. Just use the right menu on her blog to link to the patterns. She has lots of patterns with animals on them, a washcloth with coordinating bib. Monkeys, koalas, baby birds, a seahorse, the possibilities are endless. For Anne, there is a cupcake bib. :) Because I have such a cupcake thing with her. I could knit her cupcakes until she graduates from high school and never tire of it. Although I'm certain that *she * will.

My Knit Picks cart overflowth, and yet I keep adding more cotton. Oh well. My birthday is coming up, and I deserve something nice, no?

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