Thursday, January 19, 2012


Work is making me grumpy today, so I'm determined to stay positive by lingering on positive things.

I've been knitting a lot lately, and currently I'm working on 2 sweaters. One is for the knit-along I'm doing at work (a red cardigan) and the other is a fabulous blue and gray winter sweater that I just cast on at home.

As well, my good friend Sarah just contacted me about her son's birthday party, and the theme is owls. You know what this means, don't you? I SIMPLY MUST KNIT HIM AN OWL SWEATER.

Well, let me edit that a bit. I looked at the calendar and realized that his birthday is in less than a month (feast of Our Lady of Lourdes) and thus I modified "Owl Sweater!" to "Owl Vest!" Vests = no sleeves = a much speedier project, and a much happier knitting Catholic Librarian. I don't want to go through the bitterness that was Christmas Knitting 2011 again. I mentally went through my stash, and realized that I have a lovely blue premium acrylic (machine washable is a must for kids knits, and this one is from Knit Picks and is heavenly soft) and his mom's favorite color is blue. Voila!

So I got that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach when I pounce upon a new craft project. I immediately navigated over to Ravelry to found a good pattern. Owls are big in knitting, because they can be easily stitched using a cable needle technique. So I found lots of adorable patterns. I really like this one. Only problem being that it's written for a baby, and I don't trust myself to correctly size up a pattern. I can try if I'm desperate, but I'd much rather have a pattern written specifically for toddler sizes.

I found one Leisure Arts booklet that has patterns for kids vests with owls, kittens, bears and bunnies, and I kind of want it really bad. I can order it online, but I figured I should swing by Jo Ann's first on my way home since they carry a ton of those Leisure Arts booklets. That way I wouldn't have to pay shipping, plus I could use a coupon. So, we'll see if it's there. I want to go right now, because I'm hating work today and would much rather hide in my happy family and craft world.

Oh sigh. Well, it's already lunch time, and the end of the work day will be here soon enough. I can listen to my happy Catholic podcasts and zip to Jo Ann on my way home, and then go home to Mike and my babies. Life is good.

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  1. Speaking of owl patterns, have you seen this one?

    I think it's the most adorable thing ever!


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