Friday, January 20, 2012

Morning discovery:

(1) Anne crawls up to me, whining.

(2) I nurse Anne.

(3) I put Anne down.

(4) Anne bursts into tears and clings to my pant leg.

(repeat this, btw, on an endless cycle daily for the past 2 weeks, including additional fun like nap refusals and waking up howling 10 minutes after we put her down for bed).

But this morning, when I gently put my finger to her top gum, I felt:

A sharp tooth edge.


Because we seriously couldn't stand it anymore. We're all exhausted.

I did think it was terribly adorable after she got her first 2 teeth (bottom center) a month or so ago when I overheard Henry sit next to her and say:

"Look at your little teeth, Anne! They're really getting taller!"

Like he needed to encourage her in her tooth growing endeavors.


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