Monday, January 23, 2012

Mass as a family

My husband is not currently a practicing Catholic, but he does love a good vigil Mass, which I find completely precious. We don't often go to a vigil, because it often just doesn't seem to work schedule-wise. However, given that Mike will accompany us when we do go, I think that I need to make more of an effort to make the time for Saturday evening Mass, so that we can all go together.

Sunday mornings (my preferred Mass time) are also complicated by Anne's nap, which is during the 10 am Family Mass 100% of the time. So, it's mostly just Henry and I that go, and lately, he's been balking at going, which I posted about last week. When I am leading the Children's Liturgy of the Word program for the week, obviously I have to go to 10 am Mass, and Henry does like helping me set up and take down all the accessories for that. But usually I end up going to that Mass because it works out best with our schedule. Plus, Henry loves the music ensemble that plays at that Mass.

But Sunday my mom and I were taking Henry to see Disney on Ice, so I thought it was a good weekend to go to the vigil Mass. So we planned it out, and did it. With both children, which always involves just a hair of anxiety.

And it went great. Henry's whining was at a minimum, and Anne was enthralled. We brought a bottle of pumped milk for her, since she had just gotten up from her afternoon nap. After she finished, she let out a belch that I'm certain even the organist up in the choir loft could hear. This seemed to endear her to every little old lady in the congregation. She was *excellent,* just looking around curiously the whole time.

We went to my regular parish (we don't always, since their vigil at 5 pm is considered "late" by my adorable husband, we'll often go to a 4 or 4:30 at a nearby parish) and Mike had a very positive impression. Before we left to go, Mike saw the headcovering I had been wearing sitting on the table and asked: "aren't you going to wear this?" sounding very disappointed, which earned him even more bonus points. He really loves my headcoverings (a collection of scarves and headbands). I was going to wear one, just a different one, since the first one I put on seemed determined to slip off my head, even with bobby pins. I wore a chiffon scarf in pink hues that he said is his favorite, so all was well.

It was just so, so nice for all 4 of us to go. This coming weekend, I had Children's Liturgy of the Word, so Hank and I will do 10 am duty. And after that, who knows? I'd like to incorporate more vigil-going into our lives.

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