Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get that girl a tutu!

I discovered something very adorable about Anne the other day. She pulled herself up onto her exersaucer and hit one of the toys on there that plays music. She then commenced to bob up and down in time to the beat.

Yes, my baby has rhythm. And I couldn't be happier about it.

Naturally, I squealed, and started talking about her starting dancing lessons, because you know, I absolutely cannot wait for this. Mike seemed dubious by my plans to start her off at age 4, but I told him to leave it to me. If there's one thing in the household that I should be in control of, dancing is that thing.

I'm so excited.

In other precious baby news, if you crochet, you simply have to check out this etsy shop that I discovered for baby patterns. There is a cupcake dress and hat pattern, plus a watermelon set that I'm dying for.

I can't wait to crochet her a bunch of stuff in cotton pastels for the summer. *blissful sigh* I'm still very much in winter sweater mode, and enjoying it, but it's nice to have different seasonal crafting to look forward to.

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