Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Yep, that's poo on my pants": A Story of my Weekend

I wanted to post yesterday, but honestly, things have been so tough at home that I just wasn't up to it. These are the times that try the souls of Catholic librarians, apparently.

Friday overnight was the absolute worst sleep night in our nearly 6 year voyage as parents. This includes both of our babies' newborn stages. I guess it's her stuffy nose (we're thinking seasonal allergies) but Anne just will.not.sleep. She'll fall asleep, and then anywhere from 30 seconds-20 minutes later, she's up. Throughout the.entire.night. I've cried more in the past week than I have in the past year. I'm SO TIRED. I've been trying to function at work while operating under 3 hours of sleep for days on end. It's been bad. Really bad.

Last night was slightly less awful so therefore I can write about it today. But, you know. Everything is "slightly less awful" than The Worst Night Ever in My History of Parenting, I'm Going To Go Curl Into a Fetal Position Now. But, I'll take it anyway.

What else happened in my weekend? I honestly don't remember. At some point, Anne had a poo explosion and I realized only hours later that I had a brown stain on the leg of my capri pants. Lovely. That pretty much sums it up.

But really, we're faring ok. Getting slightly more used to our new routine. Although Hank doesn't start school until next Tuesday, which will shake things up even more. But we'll get there.

These are really the times that define your marriage, and that's a good thing. Getting through really tough periods like this, when handled with proper prayer and communication, can make your marriage stronger and closer. So in that way, I'm glad we're going through this.

I picked up a little book at a local Catholic bookstore when I was there with my mom and Henry last weekend called The Saints Day By Day. It has a quote from the saint of each day with a short meditation. I've really been enjoying it and getting a lot out of it in the mornings.

So, I'm hanging in there. I know that's going to get easier. I just wish I knew when.

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