Friday, August 5, 2011


I think Anne is showing signs of early teething. Why is it that my kids do these unpleasant things so ridiculously early? Henry had a tooth by around 5 or 6 months, and it was misery. I mean, I know they have to get them eventually, but it seemed like he teethed and drooled for about 2 straight years.

Here are the signs: she's drooling. She's been a little extra fussy, and in a different way than previously. She's sucking on her fists a lot. Her spit up has been real mucousy (sorry for that extra bit of information). And my sore nipples. I read that sore nipples with babies that have already been nursing for awhile can result from a changed latch when gum pain starts. Wonderful. My nipples are feeling a bit better, by the way, thanks to the lanolin and the shield. Just in case you were wondering.

I swear it, I wish they were just born with teeth. Like Bella's freakish baby in the Twilight series. Whenever I say that, everyone always replies, "well, you wouldn't want to be breastfeeding if that were the case!" Which, while well intentioned, is actually untrue. :) If you breastfeed for a year or longer, chances are you're nursing your baby who has teeth. I did with Henry, for quite a long time. It doesn't interfere with their latch, and their teeth don't touch your nipple. They may accidentally bite you (or they may never do this, Henry didn't) but if you de-latch them, they'll quickly learn that doing this makes the milk go away, and the problem won't persist. So again, I maintain, why can't babies just be born with teeth and save us all this misery?

I think I should submit a formal petition to God for this design change.

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