Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend plans, and fall food

The fall semester begins in 2 weeks, and as is usually the case this time of year, I panic. I definitely don't feel ready for the crush that is the first 2 weeks of school. Thankfully, I did get my article finished and submitted this summer. My tenure dossier preparation process is only a little over a year away, and that publication is very much needed for that. That was the main thing, so I'm grateful that I was able to meet that goal. However, my to-do list burgeons over with other projects. What can one do, right? I do what I can at work, and leave it when I go home.

I've been eschewing the humid weather and have started using my oven again. I can't take the summer moratorium on cooking any longer, and I'm happily back on a healthy eating plan. The current issue of Woman's Day, September 2010, has some awesome recipes in it. I espied it last weekend while waiting at the hair salon, and went out to buy a copy I liked the recipes so much. We had fish tacos this week (that went somewhat disastrously with my Henry eating plan - he hated the corn tortillas and vomited after consuming a bite of avocado. The joys of parenthood) as well as an awesome Taco Beef Casserole.

Tonight, I'm making an old standby, chicken with stuffing. You pop some chicken breasts into a 9x13 pan, mix a can of cream of mushroom (or cream of chicken, etc., you preference) with some skim milk and add it to the bottom of the pan. Make stuffing of your choice (I've been getting the ultra easy Stove Top made with whole wheat) and set around the chicken. Bake at 350 for one hour, or until breasts are done. Add slice of cheese of your choice to the top of breasts and melt at the end. It's a good one.

This weekend should be quiet, with just some house stuff going on. I've been really into my fall knitting. My bear is nearly done, he just needs a face. But his body is assembled, and he's very happy about this development. I'm working on Hank's requested black and yellow hat, and I may start some socks and a sweater. Catholic Librarian is a happy knitter these days.

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