Friday, August 27, 2010

Is that more yarn?

If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes. I have a bit of a yarn addiction. Just like I have a book addiction (and a headcovering addiction, but we'll just pretend that one isn't here right now). I solved my book addiction by getting a public library card. Now, I rarely buy books. If I have an Amazon gift card, I will absolutely buy books that I can't find at the library. Or maybe once to twice a year, I'll place a small Amazon order. With specialty Catholic titles, like Catholic fiction or conversion stories from small presses, the library will likely not buy them. So I will. And happily so.

But with yarn, this is a problem, because I can't borrow or rent it. And my addictions mean that, no matter how many I already have, I just crave acquiring more. I like selection in the things that I enjoy. Always have. I remember the first time that I realized that my "to be read" queue of books exceeded half a shelf. Now, I have an endless list of titles always on hand that I want to read, some on my own bookshelves others at the library. With yarn, well...

At first, my yarn "stash" could all fit in a duffel bag that I kept in our guest room. Then, it grew a bit, so I added a black crate as a carrier as well. I told myself that most of this growth happened because I'd use yarn for projects and inevitably have a bit left over, plus then I'd have of course purchase yarn for new projects too, so this normal accumulation was all that was happening. Nothin' to see here, folks, move along. Maybe you'd need those leftovers for something along the road, so I kept them

Now, my yarn stash includes the duffel bag, the crate, and another quilted rolling bag. Ok, and some afghan yarn in the closet. I just am always so afraid of running out. Apocalypse? Nuclear attack? No problem, I have yarn on hand. I won't be bored. I also have plenty of books to keep us busy. And we'll all have our heads very modestly and cutely covered.

I just can't fathom finishing a project, and then saying "Oh gee, guess it's time to pick a new project and buy supplies!" Can't do it, sorry, no way. I like a selection awaiting me. What do I feel like? An afghan to beat the fall chill? A new hat? Some socks for my sisters? More than likely, I'll already have a few other projects ongoing, but I do try to keep those down to less than five. Before I can start something new, I have to finish up one of the ongoing ones. That, I do reign myself in on. But the plethora of future projects to choose from? I can't help it, I add to that all the time. Maybe I'm not in the mood for a hat, I'd rather make a shawl. Or perhaps a sweater. Happily, I have supplies for all of these things right in our spare room. And so the Catholic Librarian is happy. Very, very happy.

Whenever Mike finishes the book he's reading, sighs, and says that he has to make a trip to the library in the morning (BECAUSE HE HAS NO QUEUE OF BOOKS) I give him a look of horror. I mean, seriously. This is freakish. Who's with me?

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  1. I could have written this post! I have the three same addictions: books, headcoverings and yarn (in no particular order!). I've been so bad at buying and squirreling away yarn over the years that when I'm at my mom's house I'll frequently find yarn still in shopping bags hidden away in closets (I think I may have found it all now, but I can never really be sure!). And then I have the yarn I inherited last year from my grandmother. She had bags and bags of cornflower blue yarn. Cornflower in acrylic, cotton and wool and then in specialty yarns. So now I have a huge wooden chest and a large basket overflowing with yarn (lately the basket has a growing line of cotton yarn in front of it too, threatening to invade the rest of the living room).

    But I keep thinking... what if something happened and I couldn't get to the city to get yarn... there aren't yarn shops here... we don't have sheep.

    Yup. I'm definitely addicted too!


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