Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headcovering of the week...

Well, you knew I couldn't go too long without adding to my headcovering collection, so I'll just fess up now. Everyone knows of my fondness for Garlands of Grace, so I figured I'd spotlight another headcovering source that I've come to love.

There is a vendor on etsy, called Happy Homestead, that I've bought a few headcoverings from, with two new additions this week. The woman who runs the store, Melissa, is very sweet, and does excellent work. This is one of my new coverings:

It's a convertible covering, can work as either a kerchief or a headband, and I LOVE IT. The style is SO cute, and so comfortable. I also purchased a stretchy lace headband from her, in Cappuccino, that is so super soft and pretty you can hardly believe it. I also bought a gauzy spring print convertible covering back in April, and it is another of my absolute favorites in my collection. She has another one just like it for sale now.

The prices are more than reasonable, with $1.99 shipping. Her items are already made and in stock, so you receive your order within days. I highly recommend this shop. She also makes longer veil coverings, bobby pins, and coverings for younger girls.

A quick caveat to say that she does include Christian (of the non-Catholic variety) tracks in her orders. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can simply ask her not to include them. She's super nice and responsive to all messages. Definitely check her out :)

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