Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Bible reading revisited...

A few months ago, I wrote about trying to re-form my habit of daily Bible reading. Someone suggested a one year Bible, which I granted was a good idea, but I thought that I would slack off with that too.

Well. Last week, while I was teaching at Vacation Bible School, I was re-inspired to give daily Bible devotions another go. I needed the spiritual fortitude, believe me :) My sister had also mentioned recently that she had picked up a daily Catholic Bible, in the Good News translation, and that she'd been using it and enjoying it.

I perused my book shelves (how I long for my own personal library to keep my beloved books in) and pulled off the daily Bible that I'd bought when Hank was a baby. This particular copy is entitled My Daily Catholic Bible. This is the Revised Standard Version, Catholic edition, and the translation is quite beautiful. For each day, there is an Old Testament selection, and a shorter one from the New Testament. I gave it a whirl.

One week in, and so far it's working :) I've been reading it before I go to sleep, and I'm definitely enjoying it. I'm hoping that I'll persist. I've tried it out before, as evidenced by the highlighting I keep coming across, but I don't think I kept it up past a few months or so. We'll see how I do this time. But I do recommend this particular version. It's nicely done.

Right now, I'm mired in Proverbs and the Gospel of John. Good stuff.

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