Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall is in the air...

I'm making Chicken Pot Pie tonight, I'm contemplating the sweaters I will knit, and Garlands of Grace just announced its fall collection. Fall is, happily, in the air.

Speaking of headcoverings, I haven't written about them in awhile, but I'm still very much wearing them, and enjoying them. I'm feeling the urge to order a few more, but I tell you, I really should restrain myself, because I totally have enough. I have headbands in gray and black/white, convertible coverings (can be either headband or short kerchief) in black/white, brown lace, khaki with white lace trim, and sheer spring pinks/greens, and a longer veil in autumn brown/pink. I have to say, my 2 favorites are the brown lace and the sheer pink convertible. I wear them even around the house, I love them so much. But sigh... the autumn chiffon? *wants* *resists* For now, anyway :)

Now that I've been wearing headcoverings to Mass for about 6 months, I have to say that I never even consider entering church without one. I'm just so used to it, my head feels "naked" if I don't. I really like it. It's a reminder to me to focus on why I'm really there, and not let my mind wander.

Lots of other things going on this fall. I need to start preparing for the October fall hafla for belly dance. I'm deciding now if I'll create a new solo number, or if I'll use the one I created this summer for a second time. We're ordering our new costumes this week. *beams* We chose green as the color (my favorite!) but could choose any style each of us wished. I'm getting a traditional bra and skirt set. I'll take a picture of it when it comes in. It's super pretty, and I'm certain that I'll love it, which is good since I won't be able to afford another costume for several years after this :)

As well, Hank will be starting kindergarten in about 4 weeks, sigh. My precious baby. It'll be a big adjustment for all of us. Lots of other stuff going on, too. Stay tuned...



  1. Ahh!!! I'm not looking...I'm not looking...Dang it, I'm looking. I love GoG. I could spend every penny I own on them. I love my Suzanne's lace. I have it in black and am oh so tempted to buy it in white and then some other convertible headband/head covering. I have a lot of scarves for fall so this would be for summer/spring. Humm....

    Yeah, you and I need to start a support group. They are oh so addictive. I won't tell you about Modesty Veils uber cheap mantillas for 13 dollars in white, ivory, black, pink, and ivory with gold trim. Woops...Oh well.

    Now where do I sign-in for headcovering addicts anonymous. Hi, my name is deltaflute and I'm an headcovering addict. :P

  2. I LOVE HEADCOVERINGS. I totally understand. They make me feel so feminine :)


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