Monday, August 9, 2010

The seasons are a changin', and the wonders of a backyard garden...

Ahhh, it's August. I'm certain that everybody has one month of the year that they would classify as their least favorite. Mine is July. I do like the 4th of July holiday, for sure, but otherwise, the weather during this month is not my favorite. August, too, can be muggy and humid around here. But still, it's different. The temperatures tend to not peak as high, and the nights start to cool down considerably. Fall is in the air, and this my friends, I love.

One perk of summer, to be sure, is fresh fruit and produce. And our tiny garden has been producing its little heart out this year. Our rabbit fence has kept our bunny friends, cute faces and all, and their nibbling ways, far away from our vegetables. The only thing that hasn't thrived is the broccoli. The plants are huge leafy wonders to behold, broccoli. We're baffled. But fresh lettuce, green beans, grape tomatoes and green bell peppers aplenty have graced our dinners. It's making me very happy.

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