Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend hip dropping and other Advent business with Henry...

Work is crazy busy right now, hence the reason I didn't get to blog on Friday. I finished my book chapter this semester, but my tenure dossier needs to prepared in just over a year *perspires*, and I really need to get another peer-reviewed article published in that time. So, I'm working on that, and I got some writing done on Friday. But of course that colossal project has to take place in the larger context of all of my other daily responsibilities, so it's tough. The tenure thing is kind of cool (especially for a librarian) but it's also super scary. If you don't get tenure *you lose your job*. That's an awesomely petrifying possibility. Hence all the panicked academics frantically trying to publish something (anything!) in a short period of time. *mops brow*

I also had bellydance on Friday, which as usual, was a highlight. Instead of coins, I'm now dropping pink fringe every time we belly drill. My purple hip scarf is great, this is the other pink one I got. I thought it would be totally low maintenance because it has no coins, only sequins. I was wrong. Everytime my hips go into overtime the thing coughs up more fringe. Oh well. I'm much more acclimated to the new class now and have been accepted with open arms. So I'm really looking forward to learning our new routines and doing a few performances in the spring. Claire mentioned that we'd be working on solo segments within the larger number after the holidays, and naturally, that kicked the sweating into high gear. But I have to admit, I'm secretly terribly excited.

On Saturday, I transported Henry to Walmart to scout out snow boots. Naturally, the Transformers and Spider Man variety attracted him like a magnet. He chose Spider Man, and I have to say, these are nice boots. Henry can put them on himself and velcro them right up, saving Mommy oodles of time. Those went right into the cart. Mike was home studying for an engineering exam, and I wanted to give him some additional quiet time in the house, so I lingered. My natural attraction was over to handbags, and I really did need a new one. My current purse had a strap that was on the verge of breaking right off, and it did this funky thing right on the shoulder, making it hurt everytime I slung it on. I browsed about happily. Some persuasion had to be employed to keep Henry quiet, and thus he was bribed appropriately with a Spider Man watch. For $6.00 it was totally worth it. I found a new purse in chocolate brown with a nice wide width, and lots of organizational capibilities. For $15, I was a happy camper.

Later that evening, my mom and I took Henry to a local shrine to view their annual Christmas lights. He was a terribly good boy and impressed all the pilgrims :) He actually loved the church the best, which had several side chapels for candle lighting. We lit a few, he loudly knelt and said his prayers, and Mommy beamed with pride.

"Mommy, can we go back in that chooch?"

The candle lighting in the chapel brings us to our Catholic Librarian gem of the week...

While I was assisting Henry in selecting a candle to light, I squatted down. It's never, ever a good thing to hear a ripping sound when one squats down. Not ever. I quickly stood up and assessed the situation. I suppose this is divine payback for making fun of Papa Bear for splitting his pants open in The Berenstein Bears Eat Too Much Junk Food, because yes, I suddenly had a giant hole right in the seat of my jeans. And I protest this develop loudly because I swear, I haven't gained any weight. I mean it! I weigh the same as I have since I had Henry. The thing is, these jeans are old. I don't even remember when I got them. The seam just wore out and gave way at a particularly bad time. But I love them, and I remember wearing them when Mike and I honeymooned in San Francisco. So I was majorly bummed by their demise.

Anyway, I had bigger fish to fry at that precise moment, which was that I was at a religious shrine and I had a giant hole on my rear end displaying my underwear. Luckily, my coat goes down past that point, so as long as I didn't bend over, I was good. I walked around woodenly through the gift shop and made do ok. I selected a pretty pair of rosary beads to keep in my coat pocket and a small children's book on St. Peter for Hank. All was fine until we got back out to the car. *sighs*

I had to get Henry strapped into his booster seat and as was no surprise, he was tired, cranky, and protesty. I had to struggle to get him settled and buckled, and the whole time, the lower half of my body is hanging out of the car, bent at the waist. This wouldn't really be that big of an issue (it was dark out, after all) except for the buses. Yes, you read that right, the BUSES. There were 4 or 5 buses parked in the lot, and by time we left, they were full of people ready to head home. Full of people, with headlights shining. Yep, right on my ass. It couldn't be helped. I tugged my hat down and prayed for anonymity. God is merciful, right?

We arrive back at my parent's house for the Catholic Librarian's Dad gem of the week. On my parent's front lawn are displayed lit nativity figures. My dad had been busy while we were gone. Holding steady were St. Joseph, Mary, and several lambs. They all looked a bit adrift, because baby Jesus was decidedly MIA. We get in the house and ask after little Jesus' whereabouts. My dad scratched his head and said, "Oh, they're not all out there? He must still be in the garage." I laughed all the way home about that one.

Yesterday, of course, was the Third Sunday of Advent, the all important pink candle day. Hank did well at church and we added our gift under the Giving Tree. When we got home, we arrive at the Henry gem of the week...

"Mommy..." *points to the stockings hanging on our fireplace mantle* "Why do our stockings look like Santa's shoes?"

Speaking of Henry, this morning, at the suggestion of my boss, I went to the Portable North Pole. Parents, you simply *have* to check this out. You can create a customized video from Santa for your child, and it's too, too cute. I did one for Hank, and Santa greets your child by name and tells him he's been good. He opens up his book, and on the "Henry" page we see a picture of Hank with his age and Christmas list. He talks about the things Hank has been working on (when I saw the "Not interrupting people" selection in the preschool category, I snorted with delight) and praises him for his efforts. SO, so cute! I can't wait to show it to him later.

Ok, I've procrastinated long enough. Many book reviews and articles to write...

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