Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last minute shopping...

I ran out at lunch today to do some final holiday shopping. Well, I say that like I won't have any more to do after this. I do. So I suppose this was part 1 of final holiday shopping, because tomorrow should be the very last day. I headed to Macy's to pick up an additional present for each of the mothers and my sister. Naturally, what also ended up in my arms was a burgundy knit sweater for myself (for Christmas Eve! I'm hosting and feel I deserve some strong consolation) and some earrings for an as yet undesignated recipient - possibly myself. Well, everything was on sale for a special Macy's One Day Sale, plus I had a $10 off coupon for all sale items totaling over $25. I found these beautiful handmade earrings, crafted by a company called Silver Forest, in Vermont. The earrings have a definite indigenous look to them, and come to find out, the company specializing in making earrings that incorporate nature and ancient cultures. Right up my alley. And they were all 40% off today at Macy's. Christmas earrings :)

Anyway, the mothers and sisters are done. I just need one more toy for my youngest nephew and I think I'm done. I think. Oh, and we have a new nephew puppy in the family, Roscoe. He's so cute it hurts your eyes to look at him. I'm certain he will end up with a squeaky toy so that I can have the pleasure of watching him play for a straight hour.

I mean, how could you resist this face? Seriously. I think even the most hardened person would take a bullet for him.

So, that was that. I'm certain part 2 of final Christmas shopping will be tomorrow, since I'll be off from work. I'm having a wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow morning and I'm feeling decidedly whiny about it. I hate dental things, hate, hate, hate. My dentist is nice, I like her, but I wish I never had to see her ever again. When they put that needle in your gum to numb you, why does it take f.o.r.e.v.e.r? Whenever I have to experience that, I inevitably end up squeezing the sides of the dental chair so that I won't cry. Hate, hate, hate. Somehow I managed to birth a baby but yet the very sight of a needle makes me weak in the knees. *sob*

So I won't be blogging tomorrow, most likely. I'll be home sipping tea and crocheting, probably. I'll most likely wrap. Perhaps I'll nap. It'll be like Being a Cat For a Day. Super cool.

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