Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So cute you can hardly stand it

Last night after I got home from work, I showed Henry his customized Portable North Pole video. It was one of those moments wherein you feel that you should have 10 more children just so that you can experience this cuteness again and again.

The video loaded and began to play, and it was as if Henry and Santa were having a personal, intimate conversation right there in the living room.

"Hi Santa, Hi Santa!! Mommy, he said hi to me." Complete with adorable wave at the computer screen.

As Santa mentioned things, "You're 4 years old..." Hank would answer back in utter seriousness, "I am." His eyes widened when he saw that Santa had his picture right inside his book, and when Santa told him how proud he was of him for doing better with not interrupting people when they're talking.

At the end, the piece de resistance. Henry flung his arms around the computer screen,

"I love you Santa!"

I mean, how can you even analyze something so cute? He watched it twice, and exacted a promise from me that he could watch it again today.

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