Monday, December 7, 2009

New Henry gems...

I'm feeling a bit better, although my nose is on FIRE. My cold is finally draining, and I'm certain I don't have to provide any more details for you to know what is ailing me about this situation. My neck also, mercifully, is mostly better, though some lingering stiffness remains. It's just encouraging to know that I'm on the upswing.

I'll post more extensively tomorrow, but figured I could post a couple of Hank's recent moments.

Anecdote #1 - I send Hank into the downstairs bathroom to use the potty. He heads in, and then is quiet. This is a very bad sign. I go to investigate, and discover Hank standing on top of the toilet seat, staring into the mirror above the sink. Directly across the way, above the toilet, is a mirrored vanity.

"Mommy, look. Look at all those Henrys." *furrows brow* "Why are there all these Henrys, Mommy?"

Anecdote #2 - Once again, Henry is attempting to go potty, and I'm trying to catch some football scores in the living room.

"Mommy! Come quick!"

This most certainly is not a good sign. I hurry in. Hank is sitting angelically on the potty.

"Oh Mommy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I got pee pee here..." *points to shirt* "Here..." *points to pants" "And there..." *points to radiator* "And there..." *points to rug* "But Mommy, it wasn't me! It was my penis!"

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