Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Catholic Librarian in nurturing mode...

So, yesterday morning, I schlepped Henry to the pediatrician to receive the H1N1 flu mist. I couldn't decide which I was more freaked out about - the virus or the vaccine. I'm very pro-vaccine, but given the newness of this H1N1 craze, I was more leery. But I trust my pediatrician, and he recommended that Henry receive the vaccine. So, I made him an appointment and took him.

All went well, it was very quick and easy. The thing that makes me nervous about the mist (they were only giving the injection to children with compromised immune systems or allergies to eggs) is that it's a small dose of the live virus. Several parents I've talked to reported that their child had a minor reaction to the mist - nothing major, but some low-grade flu-like symptoms the day or so following the mist. So, last night, I was watching Hank like a hawk.

He and I were home alone in the evening with Mike teaching, and I followed him around a lot and kept feeling his forehead. He laid down on the sofa to watch an episode of Scooby Doo, so I covered him lovingly with a crocheted throw and went to fold laundry. As I was folding, I thought to myself:

"Gee, my throat feels kind of funny. Eh, oh well."

*10 minutes transpire*

"I have a tickle in my throat. I better get some water."

*5 minutes transpire*

*CL delicately blows nose for the third time in a 30 minutes*

"Huh, I'm awful stuffy. Leftover allergies, maybe? No big deal."

And then, the moment of truth comes...

"Gee, my throat downright hurts...Oh. OH NO."

Yes. I'm sick. Nothing I can't handle, mind you, but a cold all the same. And I'm weak, stuffy, cranky, and I feel all floaty. And somehow, I have to manage to work the evening reference shift tonight. Where I also won't be able to obsessively monitor Hank's movements. Shoot.

*sighs* I'm currently holed up in my office, downing tea. I wish I were home making chicken noodle soup and mopping Hank's brow. I know he'll have a fun evening with daddy, though. In a grand bit of irony, as if our television set sensed that we were angling to replace him with a larger, flat screen, HD ready replacement, our tv started malfunctioning. Mike and I decided last month to purchase a new tv and have that be our sole Christmas gift to each other this year. He and Hank are bound for Target tonight, to pick up a very nice model that is on an awesome sale this week. I hope that they manage to snag one.

Last night, with no tv to watch, Mike and I played Christmas music, and he read while I worked on the scarf I'm knitting him. I have to say, it was very, very pleasant. We used to do that a lot more frequently (when we had satellite radio through Dish Network) and we need to get back into the habit. We have Verizon FIOS now, and although I really love the service, the music stations leave a lot to be desired.

So, during our evening relaxation time, I perused two books that I picked up for my dumpling at the Scholastic book fair held at his preschool this week. See if you can identify which title Hank selected, and which I selected:

Book #1 - A Transformers action book that includes a Doodle pad for learning to draw our transforming friends.

Book #2 - A charming book entitled Library Lion, in which a lion helps out at the public library by shelving books and licking the envelopes for overdue notices.

I'm certain this is not a tough quiz. I just hope I make it through the day without keeling over.

Oh! Before I forget. One last anecdote. I made it to daily Mass today at the Newman Center, and during the prayer of the faithful, someone made this petition:

"For our ancestors, who passed the faith on to us, and who are praying for us to live out our faith today."

I really loved this. Our faith is an ancient faith - we have inherited it, and we are not in it alone. A great cloud of witnesses watches over us.


  1. I hope your feeling better! Sadie and I got the vaccine and I had sore throat the next day that lasted for a week! Except we did both get the injection (it seemed like that was all they were giving) and that doesn't have the live virus, so I think it was just timing. I spent the first while of feeling sick thinking, "noooooooo, I got the vaccine too late!" but it was just a cold.

    I've been reading to leave a comment to say that I LOVE your advent posts! They're beautiful!

  2. Thanks Cam! I saw your new picture on your blog - you look great!


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