Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cold Halloween nights with warm beverages...

Hello all! I don't have much time to write today, but I do have a few photos, and thought it would be perfectly lovely to touch base briefly with you.

*blows kiss*

I made it through my work day yesterday, thankfully. The afternoon class was also fraught with technical difficulties; this time, the instructor workstation decided to install updates right before I got into the room, and did so for *10 minutes* while I sat there sweating, hoping the machine would be ready to use by the time I needed it.


So I got home pretty beleaguered. I got the kids dinner, got them all dressed, and thankfully Mike got back from class early so that he could pass out candy while I handled trick-or-treating. Henry went with some friends, so I took Anne out. Any bout of trick-or-treating that does not end with Anne tripping and tackling a fiber optic vampire on someone's porch, then falling into a sobbing heap amid a display of mums, I call a win.


I also remembered my drinky drink, so Mommy was a happy camper the whole time.


Mike did a great job of carving our pumpkin this year.

Anne was Cleopatra.

Henry and friend were creepy, scary things. ;-)
How was YOUR Halloween, dear reader? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. Well it was stressful for one member of the family. I dressed up as Rosy the Riveter. Knee was a pumpkin and actually wore the costume this year. #win And HB was Wall-e, but since it was a box he took it off part of the way. This year instead of going door to door our church had a trunk or treat in the parking lot. 1st year of ever doing that. And let us say it was huge deal.

    Each of the cars had a theme and there were rows of cars. We didn't hit all of them because 1) we had been walking around for an hour and 2) they already had quite enough candy for ample multiple sugar highs. I was very impressed. I wasn't worried about the kids getting run over by cars since they had sectioned off one lot for parking and the other for parked cars. They also had Sheriff's department out directing people. We also have a lit lot so there wasn't a vision issue either. I agree with Anne: I don't like stumbling over things in people's yards either particularly holes in the ground. In Arizona though you have to be careful of landscaping: boulders and cacti.

    I'd say it was a win for us this year too despite HB being really edgy.

  2. Hi Delta! This is the first year I am hearing about this truck-or-treat thing, and it does sound like a great idea! For little kids, they get so tired walking down full blocks as well. This option would be beneficial for them as well. I like it!


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