Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Autumn Prayer Journal Curators, volume 8...

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am in a good mood today, and very happy to be with you on his mid-week moment that is bringing me much joy, given that it's heralding that the end of my semester is near.


I think that this will be the last week in our Autumn prayer journaling series. With American Thanksgiving next week, that is signalling the end of autumn, at least to me. Blogging will be sparse next week due to the holiday and family time as well. I'd like to do something special and reflective for Advent too, but it would obviously be somewhat different. Thoughts? I'll be getting back to you with my ideas as well. :)

In the meantime, let's get started with INSPIRE for the week!

Inspiration -My inspiration this week is my grandmother. She turns 90 today, and has more spunk than anybody I know. Her quote of the week:

"I never minded when people asked me my age. 88, 89, totally fine. But 90? I have to admit, that is a tough milestone."

Not sweating a milestone age til *90*? I want to be her when I grow up!

Nourish - I've been praying my 54 day rosary novena steadily. Accountability Moment: in the frenzy of the birthday party and hafla on Saturday, I totally forgot until Sunday morning. But on Sunday, despite still feeling quite distracted, I got back on track and have not forgotten again. *gold star!*

Spread Joy -Making the effort to not jump to conclusions about the intentions of others. Most of the time, people have good intentions. I've really been keeping that at the forefront this week.

Projects - I am on the crown decreases for Mike's hat!


And I ordered some yarn during Knit Picks' big annual sale. Self-striping yarn to make socks for the kids, an entrelac wrap for myself, a sweater for a group knit-along, and a hat for a friend. Feeling excited to cast on these new projects!

Involve - I am reviewing an Advent devotional featuring St. Teresa of Calcutta, and will chat all about it with you tomorrow on Tea Time! Let's get excited. ;-)

Reflect - Lord, I haven't always been at my best these past few months. Thank you for never abandoning me.

End Goals -To carry forward the fruits of this INSPIRE series into Advent with us!

Have an INSPIRE list for the week? Leave it in the comments!


  1. I - All of the people who have brought meals or otherwise offered help. So many people want to help and while at time it is overwhelming the generosity and outpouring of love in inspiring.

    N - I enjoy Sarah Hart's music and have been listening to her latest cd in my car. I was early for work today so I sat in my car and listened to a couple of songs before I went into work. I don't often just sit and listen to music and doing so today was nice.

    S - At dinner the other the other night my mom was wondering where God was in everything that was going on and I told her that I saw him in all of the people who have brought us meals and helped in other ways. She liked my answer so much she was repeating it to others a few nights later.

    P - Still swatching for some socks. Swatching is necessary because I want my socks to fit but so boring. I bought yarn for a scarf and have plans to buy yarn for some fingerless gloves I want to make.

    I - I picked up My badass book of saints again after not doing much reading over the last month.

    R - Lord, thank you that today is so much better than last month at this time. Help me to know what my role should be going forward.

    E - To continue to look for God's presence in the everyday things of life.

    My mom came home from the hospital about a week and a half ago. She now has out-patient rehab 5 days a week (except on holidays). She is continuing to make progress in her recovery for which we are all grateful.

  2. Thanks for hosting this every week! I've loved doing these lists with you! :-)

    I: This week, I've been finding inspiration in my regional BIS Facebook group. There have been so many good things shared there lately, along with lots of prayer requests. The beauty of that community amazes me.

    N: 54 day rosary is going well. I've been remembering to say it when all the kids are napping at practicum. ;-)

    S: I helped Alex with her math homework via FaceTime *without* getting frustrated with her. Which also meant my mom didn't have to deal with it. And there were no tears, so I'd say it went well. Technology is a beautiful thing.

    P: Working hard on my early childhood portfolio. I'm almost done! Just have to write a short summary for each of the pieces I'm putting in, and print everything.

    I: I'm in the last few days of 33 Days to Merciful Love.

    R: Lord, it has been a long semester. Help me to continue to ponder all that you have been showing me as the semester ends.

    E: To finish up all these literacy lessons that are due on Monday. :0 and to enjoy myself Friday night. Going to see a movie & turning it into a night of roommate bonding!

  3. Melanie,

    You and your family continue to be on my mind and heart. <3 Your Spread Joy this week brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your mom!

  4. Hi Sam! I love how you bring your own personal spin to these lists each week. Your Project items are so wonderful, and so unique to your current state in life! I absolutely love it. I have enjoyed sharing these lists with you as well! I'm excited to see where God is leading us next. <3


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