Friday, November 11, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #73 - Creative choreography & happy distractions...

Hello all! We have a fun dancing version of:

Today I talk about my teaching load easing, and the joy I find in creating things, including dance choreographies. Join me!

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Dia de los Muertos rosary from Rosaries by Allison
INSPIRE post, volume 7

 What are you up to this cold November weekend, dear reader? Tell me all about it in the comments. :)


  1. Hi Tiffany!

    I think it's fortunate I'm chiming at the end of the weekend. That way I can tell you what I did on the weekend, not just my plans!

    I really enjoyed your podcast. I really like how dancing is your creative outlet, especially from the stress of your job, which you are praying for discernment. I think it show so much spiritual maturity to say that you are confident your prayers will be heard, but maybe not "in expedient fashion." That's not how I am. I want God to answer me in proper time. I could take a lesson from that. Also, my favorite rosary, a popular one made from paracord, is really, really a positive tactile thing while I pray with it. I love how it feels in my hand, like you do yours. It encourages me to at least offer a decade on my long commute either to or from work.

    Your explanation of middle-eastern dancing being quite improvisational was intriguing. It really brought me back to my high school days in the "jazz lab" band working on solos on my tenor saxophone. Gosh, here you are centering your choreography around points during the percussion and its solos; I had my eyes and mind peeled on the chord changes during the song so I wouldn't play a "bad" note! ( I'm listening to a Youtube '60s jazz playlist as I write.) The common thing I'm seeing between your dance improvisation and a jazz player is planning and practice. A good solo doesn't happen on its own. It was interesting, if not apparent why, that you get "marooned" in one place in a drum solo, with not much traveling going on!

    God Bless your grandmother on her birthday and her coming to your Hafla! It's so cool to see how dancing helps you work through nervousness and makes you improved in more than one area.

    On my end, this crisp fall weekend had my 12-year-old Alex going trail bicycle riding with his best friends and a few dads. My work week left me exhausted and unable to go the first thing Saturday morning. He understood. He said that the morning frost was gone quickly and it warmed up by 10am.

    Our marriage ministry team at our parish had a couples' get together in our church basement on Saturday night. We brought food and they supplied the wine! We watched a 1-hour video by Scott Hahn on marriage & family. It was a good gathering of about a dozen or so couples. I brought a spinach dip bread bowl that I made for the first time. Was surprised at how easy and trouble-free making that delicious spinach dip was! The recipe called for a food processor that I don't have; I just minced everything really well and used the paddle on our stand mixer to stir and it turned out great.

    If you haven't noticed, Tiffany, I'm taking about a month-long break from social media. I really need to. I was burning the candle pretty bad and social media time was the variable that was always unpredictable- my time spent on it, that is. So, I'll be back but I have time to think now and prioritize.

    So much else is going on here. My youngest girl, Justine, 18, just got her first job ever at Tim Hortons as she goes to Community College and she's loving it. Thanks for blogging, Tiffany and I'll see you soon again.

  2. Phil! Yes, I *did* notice your absence, and thus am extra glad to hear from you here! I totally understand the need for a break, and we will all look forward to your thoughtful and funny contributions when you return! But it sounds like you've been using your time wisely. Your couples' get together sounds amazing! How beautiful to have opportunities to fellowship like that along with your lovely wife.

    Tim Hortons, I have to giggle, because "Tim's" is HUGE around here too. :0 I guess it shows you that geographically, we don't live that far apart here in the Northeast! So great that Justine got her first job and has embarked on college. I think that sounds like a great place to have one's first job.

    Best to you and yours Phil, as we approach Thanksgiving. Hope to see you on Twitter soon!


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