Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Autumn Prayer Journal Curators, volume 6...

Hi all! Back for another installment in our INSPIRE series. It's mid-week, and I am DYING to finish with classes for this particular lesson plan. Only 6 more to go. :-\ But we're getting there!

Al things considered, I'm having a decent week. A few bumps along the way, but such is life, yes? Let's have at our stress relief for the week!

Inspiration -EDIT: OK, this is funny. I forgot to fill this in in when I published the post.


I am inspired this week by my friend Krystin. Girlfriend has 7 kids and works out of her home selling Jamberry and Younique cosmetics. She holds it all together like a champ and inspires us all on Facebook daily with her humor and beauty. I thank God that I found her, and that she is a part of my life.

Nourish - The 54 rosary novena, Christmas edition, started yesterday! I had been slacking off with full rosary praying the past few weeks, so I was very glad to have an excuse to get back on the wagon. I'm really looking forward to praying this all the way through Christmas Eve.

Spread Joy - Being very patient wherever I can, even when responding to something uber annoying. ;-)

Projects - I'm still at work on Mike's new winter hat! Usually hats work up faster than this. :0 But this is lots of k2 p2 ribbing (time consuming) and cabling (also time consuming, as it turns out), so it's taking me longer than I anticipated. However, the result is quite lovely! I'm hoping to be done or nearly done by next week.

Involve - Henry has been expressing interest in becoming an altar server for some time, and finally our parish advertised a training session. I am taking him to it this weekend, and really excited to see how this goes.

Reflect - Lord, I pray for the perseverance to make it all the way through all of my classes this week.

End Goals -Finishing out the week with my spirits as high as they were going in, after my time of rest last week.

Have an INSPIRE list for the week? Leave it in the comments!

fyi: My voice is now about 95% better, so there WILL be a Tea Time podcast this week!


  1. I: This week, I'm inspired by my roommate, Dani. She is currently halfway through student teaching & handling the craziness that comes to the classroom every day. We are very similar, so it's reassuring me that I will be able to handle student teaching in the spring.

    N: I've also been slacking the past month with praying a full rosary, so I was very excited to start the 54 day rosary novena with you! And I remembered to send 2 of my aunts a reminder so they can pray along with us.

    S: I made Kateri laugh when I informed her that I had never used the oven in our apartment before today. :0

    P: At kindergarten this morning, I watercolored a picture of saints. :)

    I: Went to praise & worship adoration last night - the theme was trust. How very appropriate.

    R: Lord, I pray for the grace to have a better outlook for the rest of the week.

    E: I really need to start journaling more. Aiming for 2 days next week, on top of this post.

  2. I - My parents more specifically my dad. I always knew my parents loved each other but watching them these last couple of weeks has really shown me how much they love and care for each other.

    N - The homily at Mass yesterday was really good. He said something about saints being people who showed joy during hard times and encouraged us all to smile more.

    S - A coworker offered me some left over Halloween candy. She had peanut butter M&Ms which are one of my mom's favorites so I'm taking those to her.

    P - I'm in the middle of repairing a pair of pajama pants. I just need to go buy elastic to put it in.

    I - I've been praying the Pray More Novena's election novena.

    R - Dear God, thank you for the progress my mom has made. Please help us as we prepare to transfer home and for her complete healing.

    E - My Mom might be discharged in the upcoming week. I'd like to think about how to go from crisis mode to more of a normal mode even though normal will be different that it was a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Sam, lovely list! I want to see your watercolor! And clearly, I need to come cook something for you. :0

  4. Melanie, still keeping your mom in my prayers. <3 That sounds like a spectacular homily, how uplifting!


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